Superior Lead Generation for Senior Care

  • Acquire More Resident with Low CPA

  • Get More Call Leads

  • Book More Tours

  • Increase your Census

  • Automate your Lead Generation

  • Run Geo- Targeted Google Ads

  • Implement Marketing Automation

  • Use a CRM to Manage your Leads

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Get High-Quality Leads Sent Directly to Your Inbox With Paid Search Strategies

We implement paid search strategies that are efficient and scalable to deliver ROI that can’t be beaten. Our PPC campaigns are designed to build demand and generate high-quality leads. 

The conversation with prospects begins when we sync our CRM to the campaign. With our strategies, more leads will flow into your pipeline. Follow-up is automatic so you never leave a lead behind.

Who We Help

  • Assisted living facilities

  • Retirement communities

  • Memory care facilities

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
+ Lead Gen CRM

  • Step up your lead generation efforts with paid search advertising that homes in on your target market. Google and other search engines display geo-targeted ads that send users to your landing pages where they will find prominent phone numbers and contact forms for maximum conversions.

  • We then sync leads to a lead-generating CRM that triggers automated emails and SMS text messages and follow-up campaigns, commonly known as drip campaigns.

  • Geo-targeted campaigns target the right leads, and automation allows for swifter conversions.

Why Invest in Paid Search for Senior Living?

PPC Strategies Target Multiple Locations at Scale

As experts with growth over multiple locations, we scale your paid search campaigns to draw qualified leads from new markets and locations as efficiently as possible. Our marketing experts design account structures at scale, so you get optimal results while staying within your marketing budget.

Open Your Inbox to High-Quality, Convertible Leads

Our niche is the senior living industry, and our vast experience running paid Google Ads campaigns has given us the necessary expertise to deliver high-quality leads to your inbox as they come in. We optimize the best keywords and block those that deliver substandard results.

We Deliver Performance-Driven Campaigns

Our work is not finished once we set up your campaigns. We will work to keep optimizing your campaigns to improve your conversion rates and decrease your cost-per-acquisition rate (CPA). We help your company stretch its marketing dollars to make the most of your budget.

Integrated CRM and Documentation to Support Results

View your CRM dashboard to check how your campaigns are performing. You can also find the call recordings, call logs, emails, automated text messages, transfer calls, and emails along the way.

Senior Care Clicks Specialized In PPC For Senior Living

A well-crafted PPC campaign ranks you higher in the search engine results where prospects who are seeking assistance from a senior care organization will find your business quickly.

Managing your own PPC campaigns will cost you time and money.

Our professional digital marketers work efficiently giving you more hours in your day and stretching your budget.

What we provide

  • Geo-targeted campaigns

  • Cost-effective, results-oriented PPC campaigns

  • User-friendly CRM

  • Landing pages with your branding

  • Transfer call service

  • Recording call service

  • Automated emails

  • Automated SMS text messages

  • Real-time reporting

Book More Site Tours With a Lead Pipeline You Can Depend ON

Efficient, cost-effective PPC strategies don’t have to cause you distress or put a strain on your marketing budget!

Attention-Grabbing Ads

You have worked diligently to build a quality senior care organization with a good reputation. Take the next step in achieving your goals by partnering with digital marketing experts who can create engaging ads targeted toward the right demographics and highlight what your business has to offer them.

Tracking Conversions

The best PPC campaigns in senior care will assist people in getting the care they need, and our campaigns are designed to help them notice your business. With Senior Care Clicks, you can count on ad campaigns that work like clockwork from start to finish. From the time a prospect sees your ad until they book a tour, we are working behind the scenes and tracking every digital move to determine the best results and strategies.

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Google Ads is the Most Efficient Way to Book More Tours

According to a place for mom, more than 810,000 Americans currently reside in assisted living communities.

Google said that 75% of senior living consumers research options on search engines.

According to McKnight’s Senior Living, the average cost for a senior living lead is $431.

Seniors Housing News found that 6,000 online searches related to senior care are made every hour in the US.

New to PPC? Things to You Need to Know

  1. You can set your monthly budget and change it at anytime
  2. You only pay when someone clicks on your ads
  3. You can run ads in specific locations
  4. You can bid on specific keywords
  5. You can bid on your competitor’s keywords
  6. Your ads can be turned on and off at anytime
  7. You can run tests with PPC Campaigns
  8. PPC is the fastest way to advertise your business
  9. You can use things learned through PPC and apply them to SEO and vice versa
  10. You should use a CRM to manage leads and increase conversions

Need a Proposal?

Running an efficient senior living PPC strategy shouldn’t be painful—or blow your budget.