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Acquire more residents and optimize operations with our senior living marketing solutions. Elevate your community through expert marketing and innovative technology.

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Senior Living Marketing Agency: Comprehensive Solutions for Maximum Results

Through our SEO and PPC tactics, we generate high-quality leads, seamlessly initiating conversations with prospects by syncing our CRM to your website. Our strategies ensure more leads flow into your pipeline, with automatic follow-up to prevent any from slipping through the cracks. Leveraging our customized CRM for senior living, we help your facility acquire more residents, secure more call leads, book more tours, increase your census, automate lead generation, run geo-targeted Google Ads, implement marketing automation, and efficiently manage leads. Our senior living marketing enhances online visibility, builds your brand, collects reviews automatically, and delivers exceptional ROI. Trust in our senior living marketing agency, and watch your facility thrive.

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Our Winning Assisted Living Marketing Strategies Help:

  • Assisted living facilities

  • Retirement communities

  • Memory care facilities

  • Adult Day Cares

  • And More

Choosing Us as Your Senior Living Marketing Agency Partner

At Senior Care Clicks, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the senior living industry. Here’s why we’re the perfect partner for your marketing needs:


Empower your brand with our Assisted Living Marketing Services Provider

Industry Expertise

With a decade  of experience in senior living marketing, we have a deep understanding of the industry's nuances and what it takes to succeed.

Tailored Senior Living Marketing Solutions

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we work closely with each client to develop  a customized  senior living marketing strategy that address their specific goals and challenges.

Proven Results

Our track record speaks for itself. We've helped numerous senior living facilities increase their occupancy rates, generate more leads, and boost their online visibility.

Comprehensive Approach

From SEO and PPC to social media marketing and reputation management, we offer a full suite of services to meet all your senior living marketing needs under one roof.

Assisted Living Marketing Support

When you partner with SCC, you're not just getting a marketing agency – you're getting a dedicated team of experts who are committed to your success every step of the way.

Custom Tech for Senior Living Marketing

In addition to our assisted living marketing services, we provide tailored CRM systems to simplify your daily tasks, offering both services and products for senior living marketing

Our Senior Living Marketing Services


Senior Living Website Development

Our senior living website development prioritizes accessibility and fast loading across all devices. From intuitive navigation to SEO optimization, our sites are designed to cater to adult children and seniors. Featuring prominent calls-to-action and proven strategies, we effortlessly convert visitors into leads

Local SEO That Delivers Results

Local SEO That Delivers Results

Our local SEO strategies aim to improve your local visibility and boost your Google My Business (GMB) listing to the top of Google Maps searches. This results in increased calls, website visits, and booked tours for your senior living facility. In today's world, where people seek nearby housing options for their loved ones, local SEO is key for senior living businesses.

Boost Trust Effortlessly: Survey + Reviews on Autopilot

Boost Trust Effortlessly: Survey + Reviews on Autopilot

Senior living is an industry built on trust. Therefore, collecting reviews is essential to gaining the trust that assisted living facilities, nursing homes, senior communities, or adult daycares need to acquire clients easily. Our services include survey and review collection to help you boost trust effortlessly.

Senior Living Content Marketing: Boost SEO with Expert Articles

Our content marketing writers create SEO-optimized articles addressing key concerns about senior living, aiding your facility to be found by those seeking senior care solutions. This boosts your SEO and rankings on search engines like Google

Marketing Automation

Our marketing automation strategy services revolutionize lead generation and recruitment processes. Through tailored funnels and data-driven insights, we nurture leads and streamline follow-ups, replacing daily manual tasks. With automated reminders and follow-ups, we help your facility grow effortlessly."

Senior Living Advertising;

Senior Living Advertising;

Our Google Ads services target specific audiences to acquire a pool of leads and boost the census of your senior living business, including independent living. By strategically placing ads, we ensure your facility gets noticed by those seeking senior living options, resulting in increased inquiries and admissions.

All-In-One Senior Living Marketing CRM

Senior living leads come from various sources, including organic searches, website visitors, people finding your GMB listing (near me), Google Ads, and more. Regardless of the source, it’s crucial to ensure that all marketing strategies and channels are optimized to leverage each touchpoint effectively. Additionally, having a CRM in place is essential to avoid losing any leads along the way and ultimately to secure appointments or bookings for senior living.

Effective Senior Living Tech Solutions Aligned with Marketing and Sales.

Our CRM automates daily tasks for senior living facilities, including:

  • Pipelines

  • Funnels for lead generation and recruitment

  • SMS text message automation

  • Email marketing automation

  • Chat integration

  • Booking tour links and calendar

  • Notifications and reminders (two-way)

  • Recruitment section

  • Survey and review automation

  • Newsletters

  • Holiday emails

  • And more

Home Care Marketing

Senior Living Marketing Stats: The Power of Organic Traffic

The stats don’t lie. When you see the numbers, you’ll understand why SEO (organic traffic) is essential for showcasing your senior living facility. 

Organic Senior Living Marketing solutions

Senior Living Advertising Services

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
+ Lead Gen CRM

  • Boost your leads with paid search ads that target your ideal customers. Google and other search engines display ads tailored to specific locations, guiding users to your landing pages with clear contact information.

  • When users fill out a form, our CRM captures their information and triggers automated emails, text messages, and follow-up campaigns.

  • Our targeted ads and automated processes ensure faster conversions

Senior Care Clicks: Your PPC Partner for Senior Living Solutions

A well-designed PPC campaign boosts your visibility in search engine results, making it easier for potential clients seeking senior care services to find your business promptly.

Managing PPC campaigns yourself consumes both time and money.

Let our skilled digital marketers handle your campaigns efficiently, providing you with more time and stretching your budget effectively.

What we provide

  • Geo-targeted campaigns

  • Cost-effective, results-oriented PPC campaigns

  • User-friendly CRM

  • Landing pages with your branding

  • Transfer call service

  • Recording call service

  • Automated emails

  • Automated SMS text messages

  • Real-time reporting

Book More Site Tours With a Lead Pipeline You Can Depend ON

Efficient, cost-effective PPC strategies don’t have to cause you distress or put a strain on your marketing budget!

Attention-Grabbing Ads

You have worked diligently to build a quality senior care organization with a good reputation. Take the next step in achieving your goals by partnering with digital marketing experts who can create engaging ads targeted toward the right demographics and highlight what your business has to offer them.

Tracking Conversions

The best PPC campaigns in senior care will assist people in getting the care they need, and our campaigns are designed to help them notice your business. With Senior Care Clicks, you can count on ad campaigns that work like clockwork from start to finish. From the time a prospect sees your ad until they book a tour, we are working behind the scenes and tracking every digital move to determine the best results and strategies.

Proof Of Success - Case Studies

Google Ads is the Most Efficient Way to Book More Tours

According to a place for mom, more than 810,000 Americans currently reside in assisted living communities.

Google said that 75% of senior living consumers research options on search engines.

According to McKnight’s Senior Living, the average cost for a senior living lead is $431.

Seniors Housing News found that 6,000 online searches related to senior care are made every hour in the US.








New to PPC? Things to You Need to Know

  1. You can set your monthly budget and change it at anytime
  2. You only pay when someone clicks on your ads
  3. You can run ads in specific locations
  4. You can bid on specific keywords
  5. You can bid on your competitor’s keywords
  6. Your ads can be turned on and off at anytime
  7. You can run tests with PPC Campaigns
  8. PPC is the fastest way to advertise your business
  9. You can use things learned through PPC and apply them to SEO and vice versa
  10. You should use a CRM to manage leads and increase conversions

Pay Per Clicks Senior Living Marketing Solutions 

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FAQ for Senior Living Marketing

The target audience for senior living typically includes seniors themselves, as well as their adult children or family members who are involved in the decision-making process

Effective lead generation for senior living facilities involves diverse strategies:

  1. Webinars: Educate prospects through engaging webinars.
  2. Text Marketing: Personalize promotions with text campaigns.
  3. Virtual Tours: Showcase facilities with interactive virtual tours.
  4. SEO: Improve online visibility to attract seekers.
  5. Launch targeted PPC ads for direct reach and qualified leads.
  6. Community Events: Host outreach events to connect with locals.
  7. Health Services: Offer check-ups to engage leads.
  8. Newsletters: Stay in touch with regular updates.
  9. Blogs: Provide valuable content for information seekers.
  10. Referral Partnerships: Collaborate for extended reach.

Hiring an Assisted Living Marketing Agency for More Leads.

Marketing an old age house involves utilizing various channels such as online advertising, social media, community outreach, and partnerships with healthcare professionals to effectively reach seniors and their families, highlighting the amenities, care services, and community atmosphere offered by the facility.

Try a Senior Living Marketing Agency to Elevate Your Facility

Senior living is often considered relatively recession-resistant due to the essential nature of the services provided and the demographic trends of an aging population, though economic downturns can still impact occupancy rates and financial stability to some extent.

The most common types of senior living options include independent living communities, assisted living facilities, memory care facilities for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia, skilled nursing facilities, and continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) offering a range of care services as residents’ needs change over time.