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Of the many website platforms you have to choose from, there are a lot of reasons to love WordPress. According to Search Engine Journal, almost 34% of website owners prefer WordPress. If WordPress is good enough for major corporations like Sony Corporation, Time Inc., NBC, and the New York Post, you can rest assured that it will work just as well for home care websites.

WordPress is popular among large and small businesses alike because it’s so versatile and user-friendly. Some of the other platforms require a certain level of technical know-how. That’s great if you have a developer that understands HTML CSS and programming language. With WordPress, it doesn’t matter if you have a little technical language or a lot.

If you’re looking for the best way to create a website for a home care agency, You’ll learn to love WordPress.  

Advantages of Using WordPress

As a busy professional in the home care industry, many issues demand your attention every day. While you probably wouldn’t mind spending hours and hours building your website, there’s just no time. It’s not practical to call a developer every time you want to make a minor change to your website.

These are just a few of the reasons that people like WordPress:

·   One-click installation

·  Wide array of plugins

·  Lots of add-ons

·  A host of extras

·  Open source

·  Up to date on SEO standards

·  Anyone can customize a website

·  It’s free

Besides all the features that WordPress offers, it has a number of characteristics that make it popular for senior care websites and other sites across the board:

Security-WordPress websites have automatic updates, which makes it secure against hacker attacks.

User-Friendly-Nearly anyone can put up a WordPress website without prior knowledge or experience. The platform is user-friendly and intuitive, so it offers a great user experience. All you need is a domain name and a web hosting account. The admin dashboard virtually leads users through the setup which you can do in minutes.

Support-WordPress offers help and support through their online community if you need assistance with troubleshooting or just want to ask a question.

Multimedia-Websites are far more interesting and engaging when you add photos, videos, and vary the types and size of the fonts. The technical aspect of how to add photos and videos can be overwhelming for a lot of users. WordPress makes it easy to add other types of media to an internal library that you can draw from to add media to the pages of your site and you can optimize them for SEO.

Mobile-Friendly-According to Pew Research, about 94% of people have mobile phones as of 2019 and about 76% own a smartphone. Smartphone usage is up 35% from 2011. Many of the WordPress themes include a mobile-friendly design, so you don’t have to take action on that end. This is important when you consider that four out of five online searches are responses to a call-to-action such as signing up for a service or making a purchase, according to Search Engine Watch.

Testimonials-It’s common for home care agencies to have multiple referral sources. WordPress allows you to add a section for testimonials to your pages, where you can showcase comments and testimonies where clients can boast how they’ve benefited from your services. Your prospects appeal to emotion, so a hard-sell won’t work for you. Before people try out your services, they’re looking for assurance from others that they’ll be in good hands if they work with your agency. Personal experiences can tip the scales in assuring them that they’re making a good choice in a home care agency.    

Scalability-WordPress was originally designed for the purpose of doing blogging. From the largest corporations to the single user putting up a website at home, the WordPress platform serves them all equally well. That’s a good thing for home care agencies because the need for home care is growing and that means that you can continue using the WordPress platform as your business experiences growth.

Multiple Options for Themes-WordPress offers a wide variety of theme choices for users to change the tone and appearance of their sites. Many are free through WordPress, and users can purchase other themes through third-party designers and design marketplaces. WordPress themes are SEO-friendly.

Built-In Blog Functionality-After you set up your WordPress website, you can add a blog and start adding content so you can start on-page SEO campaigns.

Plugins Give You More Bells and Whistles-WordPress gives you access to hundreds of plugins that give you tools like contact forms and shopping carts. You can also buy plugins from third parties. WordPress plugins are SEO-friendly.

WordPress Sites Rank High on SERP-WordPress plugins, mobile platforms, and blog functions are all SEO-friendly making WordPress the best way to create a website for a home care agency and make it work as a sales channel.

Home Care Website Customization

Home caregiving is a personal service. No doubt that your home care agency has many heartwarming stories to tell. A big part of your message is that you not only give tangible care, but your agency also offers compassion, comfort, and reassurance.

The WordPress themes are visually appealing. They offer you many options of colors, tones, and settings to tell your story in the most beautiful, appealing way. WordPress allows you to highlight your services with buttons labeled with services like personal care, companionship, dementia care, or skilled nursing care to guide your site visitors directly to the type of care they need. The right design and the right tools will draw prospects to your home care website to promote lead generation.

Easy-to-Use Navigation

Your target audience consists of seniors looking for care for their elderly parents and sometimes they’re looking for care for themselves. Older people often have sight problems, and WordPress gives you an edge because the platform makes it easy to read and navigate your site.

Along with readable fonts and text, WordPress themes put pleasing color combinations together for you, which takes the work out of designing a website that has the look and feel that you’re after. Your clientele requires a home care agency website that’s easy to navigate and WordPress sets up the flow for you right within the theme.

While WordPress makes website building easy, a professional web designer that specializes in home care agencies is your best bet for creating a visual experience for your target audience. Your home care agency website should be laid out to highlight the most important features without appearing too busy.

Getting Senior Care Website Referrals

Your WordPress website works hard for you when you take a few different approaches to lead generation.

These three tips will help you maximize your efforts:

1. Post blogs on topics related to aging and strategically place keywords that you’ve researched and found to be effective.

2. Ask your current clients for personal testimonies and ask their permission to post them on your website. Most clients will be happy to do that for you, and they’ll get you noticed on search engines.

3. You can attempt some SEO strategies on your own, but you’ll have greater success and measurable results when you use a professional marketer. Be aware the field of SEO is continually changing and it’s difficult for most home care agency owners to keep up with on their own.

Whenever you’re working on digital marketing campaigns for your website, social media platforms, or your blog, you’ll have better results when you’re on top of the latest changes and trends. Professional marketers will have you covered.

Implement On-Page SEO

When you’re developing the pages of your website, on-page SEO is a strategy that will optimize your pages so that search engines will easily find them. Pay attention to how you word your headlines, subheads, URL slugs, and metatags.

Need some tips? Try these on for size:

·   Use your primary keyword in your headline and place it close to the beginning of it.

·   Put your keywords in the slug and in at least one subheadline.

·   Your keywords should range between .5% and 2.5% of your content copy. (if you go over that, Google will take away points for keyword stuffing)

·   Don’t group your keywords together—spread them evenly throughout the page body, subheads, and image alt text.

·   Make sure your keywords have the proper context—don’t use them unnaturally.

Contact Senior Care Clicks to Work on Your Senior Care Website

Because we work exclusively with those who care for the elderly and their families, we know the specifics of the home care industry and the challenges you face in trying to increase your business.

We choose WordPress as our design platform so that you have a user-friendly website to maintain and update your website on a continual basis—today and in the future.

Call us now at (954) 401-9058 to learn more or contact us today!

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