Pay per click options for home care

Paid advertising strategies for home care agencies can be a real asset in your annual digital marketing plan. Pay per click marketing is an online ad that you pay for. As broad and simple as that sounds, the right strategies will help you reach your marketing goals, attract quality caregivers, and bring new clients to your door. 


You’ve put a lot of time, thought, and energy into your website and it can do substantially more for your brand than paint a pretty picture. The cost of pay per click campaigns for home care can be worth their weight when you use the right strategies. 


One tool that works well for lead generation is Google AdWords. Using an algorithm and bidding model that automatically structures the order and appearance of the ads, pay per click home care ads are a snap. One word of caution with Google AdWords is that it’s sometimes harder for small, local home care companies to rank against huge companies that bowl the market over by investing a huge amount of money and bidding high on top keywords.


If you’ve ever shopped online for a product, you might see that product reappear before you on different sites. This is a strategy called remarketing. It’s an effective pay per click home care strategy for several reasons:


  • It places your ad front and center of people that have already expressed interest in your product or service. 
  • It keeps your brand in front of your audience.
  • It increases awareness of your brand. 
  • No matter which sites your prospects click on, your remarketing home care ad keeps nudging them to click on it. 


Social media advertising can be especially good for home care agencies in specific markets. You can do some experimenting with Twitter and LinkedIn, but you get a better return on your investment with Facebook paid ads. Social media advertising isn’t exactly searching engine marketing, but it’s an effective way to generated leads through PPC ads.  I can guarantee you that pay per click marketing for home care works.


Paid Ads for Home Care Companies Help You Reach Your Business Goals


When making decisions about paid advertising campaigns for home health care, it’s important to consider:


  1. Your goals
  2. Target audience
  3. Budget


Facebook ads give you a lot of exposure for the cost. Here are some good ways to use them:


  • Attract more caregivers
  • Improve brand recognition
  • Get videos in front of your target audience
  • Provide specific home care services
  • Drive traffic to your website


Here are a few more tips to make Google Paid Ads for Home Care work better for you:


  • Bear in mind that PPC will steer clients to you, but caregivers will click on them too.
  • Don’t use “caregiver “as your keyword and limit the word in your ad description.
  • Optimize your campaign for the best time, device, keywords, and ads.
  • For Google AdWords, optimize your campaign daily, check search terms, and add ane exclude keywords.
  • Add extensions to make your ad attractive and draw your audience in.
  • If your budget allows, use a 24/7 call center. 


In my experience, we get an increase in organic conversions when we run home care PPC advertisements. If they don’t get the service the first time, but come back later, it counts as organic traffic. ( usually organic traffic and “organic conversions increase when running PPC ads)


 Is Investing in Paid Advertising a Good Choice for Home Care Agency?


Because Google ads have a varied performance depending on your specialization, they tend to work well for home care companies. PPC ads are an easy way to grab their attention. 


Choosing the Right Keywords for Your Google Paid Ads


Spend the bulk of your time researching keywords that work. 

keyword for home care services




  • Keep your niche in mind and target your campaigns.
  • Choose relevant keywords and discard others.
  • Steer away from one-word broad keywords that are highly searched-they’re very expensive to bid on. 
  • Go for “phrase match” and “broad modified” keyword type when setting up a Google Ads Campaign.


For example, “home care” as a keyword will also trigger your ad for “home care job” which isn’t what you’re after. You’ll have less competition for bids on “long-tail keywords”  which helps your budget. Consider terms like:



Track Your Success with Your Landing Page


Since Paid ads will impact your budget, you’ll do well to create high-converting landing pages. Try these tips to fill up your sales funnel:


  • Use the campaign keywords in your landing page to have a good Quality Score
  • Make your offer clear on each page.
  • Use service-oriented headlines.
  • Include your phone number, contact form, and testimonials.
  • Use contrasting colors.
  • Keep important information near the top.
  • Use scarcity techniques.
  • Be straightforward on your call-to-action button.
  • Optimize your landing page.
  • Keep A/B testing. 


Another good tip is to create a thank you page and set up Google Analytics to track users that reach it so you can track conversions.


Paid Ads for CDPAP Home Care Agencies


Have you considered the benefit of advertising CDPAP during the pandemic? Seniors are a high-risk population for COVID and unemployment is rising. This is a prime time for family members to ensure that they’re seniors aren’t at risk and they get paid to take care of them. The best way to get the word out on this is to run PPC ads on Google and Facebook. 


Is the Cost of PPC Worth Using for My Home Care Agency?


PPC campaigns are always worthwhile when they’re effective. If you have a low budget, Facebook ads can be very cost-effective. They work great for home healthcare and private duty home care, as well as for recruiting caregivers. 


With 3.5 billion searches on Google every day, Google AdWords might be a good option to help you meet your goals. Be aware that Google AdWords cost more and that your bids are apt to be competing with large home care companies and national companies. LinkedIn is also quite expensive, but in my experience, it’s worth the cost when pursuing B2B clients for referrals. 

Finally, consider this—it can cost you big bucks to rely fully on your sales team to bring in new clients. You have to pay the salesperson, a commission, expenses, and the cost of sales events. By comparison with a solid PPC marketing campaign, you can get valuable results on several fronts. A well-constructed PPC home care advertising plan will help you attract caregivers, acquire new clients, and enhance your branding efforts. So, it’s definitely worth making it an integral part of your overall marketing plan.