Home care Leads with Google ads

With every search inquiry, you’re bound to get pages and pages of search results. As a business owner, your goal is to rank as high as possible so your target audience will find your home care agency and click on your website. 


Making your home care agency visible on the search engines is a proactive approach to acquiring home care clients, which is so important in a competitive industry like home care. The higher you can get your ads to appear in the search rankings, the more likely customers will be to choose your home care agency over a competitor, and the more home care leads you will get. 


Pay-per-click ads, commonly known as PPC ads, are the quickest path to building senior care leads. 

What Is Google Ads?

Google is more than a popular search engine. The platform has an advertising arm called Google Ads that also offers paid online advertising for businesses.


Keywords are a key ingredient in ranking high in search engine results pages (SERP). Keywords are the words or phrases that a potential client may type into the search box that would lead them to your website or one of your paid advertisements.


To see keywords for “home care services”  in action, let’s look at the following example:  

How to Get Home Care Leads With Google Ads



Note all the ads are right at the top of the SERP, and they look very similar to the organic search results except for those that are labeled “Ad” in bold type. The top of the search page is a great place for advertisers to be because most of the traffic will click on your ad rather than scroll down the page, much less check out the subsequent search pages.


While setting up Google Ads is fairly easy, getting on or near the top spot takes a bit more work because your competitors are trying to beat you to the punch to get their share of senior care leads.


How Google Ads Can Generate Leads for a Senior Care Business


Home care ads are a valuable part of your marketing plan for getting senior care leads and advertising for job seekers for caregiver positions. On either account, your goal is to promote your home care agency as the best option. Facebook Ads are also an excellent platform for recruiting caregivers. 

How to Run a Successful Google Ads Campaign for Home Care

It takes time and experience to run successful Google Ads campaigns. PPC ads and search engine optimization (SEO) work hand in hand to bring you senior leads that convert.  


The experts at Senior Care Clicks have years of experience marketing in the home care industry, and they know all the tips and tricks for optimizing ad campaigns that get results. 


Successful Google Ads strategies include:


  • Identifying the keywords and phrases that draw traffic volume for home care services or caregiver jobs. 
  • Using long-tail keywords and targeting terms that focus on your service area (for example, “home care in Chicago”)
  • Researching your competition’s marketing efforts
  • Maximizing ROI with weekly campaign optimization and monthly analysis and reports on progress
  • Using negative keywords to ensure your agency doesn’t appear for irrelevant keywords
  • Designing ads that correlate to the search terms that will be effective for your agency
  • Setting up campaigns that connect with your target audience
  • Creating new audiences to retarget


For the best results, arrange for one marketing agency to manage PPC and SEO so that the knowledge gained can be used to maximize your results. 

Types of Campaigns That Should Be Set Up to Get the Most from Google Ads 

Not all Google Ads platforms work well for the home care industry, and by relying on our expertise, you can take the guesswork out of setting up successful campaigns.


From our experience, the following 4 strategies yield the best results: 


  1. Search campaigns – Text ads on search results that appear when a user is searching online. It’s a great strategy for getting home care leads.
  2. Display campaigns – Image ads on websites expand your reach on search campaigns by increasing your visibility. 
  3. Call campaigns  – Ads display a phone number and your business hours to drive call leads by increasing call volume. 
  4. Retargeting  – A Google Ads feature that incorporates a snippet of code on your website to follow visitors so you can retarget them in new campaigns. 

Extra Tools Needed to Work Efficiently With Google Ads


The Google Ads platform is jam-packed with features you can leverage to run powerful advertising campaigns that will help you acquire home care clients more efficiently than traditional marketing methods.


The key to successful Google Ads campaigns is to use third-party tools to maximize your results for each channel. 


At Senior Care Clicks, we use call tracking metrics to track data. With every call, we’re identifying keywords that trigger calls, finding the best time of day to run ads, and fine-tuning locations, etc. This data is extremely helpful for optimizing ad campaigns. 


How can you be sure it works? Call tracking metrics also record phone calls. We can provide you with recordings and automated daily reports for quality control and follow-up. 


To ward off bad clicks and click fraud, we use a tool that we love called ClickGUARD. It provides a high level of security against fraudulent clicks, enabling us to protect your budget from wasted clicks. The tool monitors activity and automatically excludes suspicious IPs. What’s more, the post-click analysis can’t be beaten for gaining insight into who is visiting your website allowing you to optimize your ad campaigns to their fullest potential. 


Final Thoughts


Overall, by incorporating home care ads into your larger marketing strategy it will help your home care business reach the top of the search engine results than SEO alone because PPC gives you another touchpoint. In that way, PPC and SEO work together to keep your brand visible and accessible. This strategy is highly effective for bringing you a stream of qualified leads for home care services and qualified job applicants. 


We know that by investing a bit of time and money in PPC and SEO for new home care agencies or new agency websites, these strategies pay off. It takes time for Google to crawl your website and deliver organic results for search queries. Ultimately, PPC ad campaigns will take your marketing efforts to the next level. 


If you’re ready to give your marketing strategies a boost by learning more about how to leverage PPC ad campaigns, reach out to our experts at Senior Care Clicks without delay. Our experienced marketing team is eager to assist your home care agency to rank your website higher and target your unique audiences. We do it all within your marketing budget.


Give Senior Care Clicks a call today at 954-401-9058 or use our simple contact form to get your PPC ad campaigns started. In no time, you’ll be on your way to setting your home care agency apart from the competition.


Please check out the following case studies which should inspire you to get started with Google Ads campaigns right away! 



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