Company Overview:

Madison York Assisted Living Community, LLC is an adult home and assisted living community in Flushing, New York. It is a licensed facility that is certified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The organization is a well-respected senior care organization, and it offers 2202 licensed beds.  


Madison York Assisted Living Community sought assistance from Senior Care Clicks to overcome one of their top business objectives. The organization was challenged by recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic as its physician-referral pipeline had declined. Their goal was to bolster their direct-to-consumer digital marketing strategy to capture a more significant market share. 


Before the pandemic started, the organization’s main source of referrals had been hospitals referring terminally ill people and those who required extensive recovery time. This referral source had long provided them with a robust pipeline of leads.


Once the pandemic started, Madison York’s lead volume declined sharply. The organizational leaders opted to redirect their efforts to a direct-to-consumer digital marketing approach to reignite a high volume of high-quality admissions. They realized they would need professional assistance to scale up PPC while generating greater efficiency and stronger results. 


Due to societal changes caused by the pandemic that created a change in the marketplace, the organization determined that a direct-to-consumer digital marketing strategy was likely to produce better results than focusing so heavily on referral-based leads. 


The task before us was to add a new marketing channel to acquire leads. With the organization’s primary goal of bolstering its direct-to-consumer leads in mind, we set out to do the following:


  1. Provide expertise in launching efficient PPC campaigns
  2. Increase monthly admissions significantly
  3. Increase brand awareness




The experts at Senior Care Clicks developed a Google Ads strategy for Madison York that would yield high-quality leads (leads that would likely convert to admissions) with a low CPA. 


Here is how we did it:


  • Restructured their Google Ads account to better leverage Google’s Smart Bidding process, increase ad relevance, and elevate their quality scores
  • Created segmented campaigns by location which allowed for new targeting and messaging strategies
  • Regrouped campaigns to decrease spending in some areas and increase it in areas that were performing better (using a shared budget and shared target CPA bidding)
  • Gave priority to the most cost-effective keywords and the strongest converting keywords for bottom-of-funnel leads
  • Reconfigured bidding adjustments for various demographics to ensure ads were displaying for the correct groupings for the target age range
  • Ran search query reports often and used the data to add negative and high-performing keywords to optimize bidding power and target the best-converting traffic
  • Reviewed high-cost keywords that were not converting and made adjustments to bid to drive keyword traffic with the highest quality
  • Optimized landing pages and Google Ads to generate a consistent volume of the best leads

The Results:


We achieved the following goals:


  • The Google Ads campaign delivered a great number of leads at a low CPA.
  • The organization saw a monthly improvement in the overall conversion volume.
  • The ads generated 332 call conversions within one year. *
  • The CPA was $32 which is a low cost for a major city in the New York area.


*According to, call leads have a higher conversion rate than other types of leads. The conversion rate is 10-12 times higher than other lead forms. 

Here is a peek into the Google Ads Campaigns that we ran for this client. 

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