Google Ads To acquire Home care Clients

Company Overview:

Caring on-demand is a technology platform that offers on demand home care services. Caring On Demand provides care by the minute. It connects non-medical, in-home caregivers to independent seniors, residents of Senior Living communities and Assisted Living facilities and their families by using a mobile app.


Introduction – Grow Client Based with Paid Advertising ( Google Ads)

Senior Care Clicks was contacted by Steven East, the CEO of Caring on Demand to help them to acquire clients in New York and New Jersey.

Due to Covid-19, a virus that has affected thousands of elderlies across the country, the need for home care services has skyrocketed. Now it is the best time to invest in promoting your home care services.

The nursing home crisis in the country has pushed families to take their elderlies back home. People are working from home while helping their kids with remote learning and also taking care of their elderly parents at the same time. Families can’t procrastinate any longer to hire caregivers.

The Strategy:

We created geo-targeted search campaigns to run Google ads in specific locations ( these zip codes and location ratios were provided by Caring On-Demand). The campaign was showing ads in specific cities and neighborhoods in New York and New Jersey ( areas with high-income and previous clients’ locations).

With a  recommended budget of $6000 a month – $3000 per location ($100 a day per location). We created  Google ads campaigns with a call extension to allow people to call from the ad and also complete a form on the landing page.

Campaign Structure:

  • 2 campaigns: New York  and New Jersey
  • 20  Ad groups – 10 per campaign 
  • 12 keywords per ad group
  • 52 ads – Expanded and Responsive ads
  • Call extension
  • Call Out Extension
  • Location extension
  • RLSA ( Remarketing List for Search Ads)

In addition, we researched zip code neighborhoods and added them as keywords, such as “Home care services 10128” Why? Even the keyword has a low search volume but it is very specific and we don’t want to miss any opportunities.

The results:

The first month the campaign delivered 

New York Campaign

Clicks: 491 ( new traffic to the website)

Conversions:  49 ( 22 contact form leads – 17 calls)

Cost Per Conversion: $56.81

Spent:  $2780

New clients: 7 new clients

New Jersey Campaign

Clicks: 404 ( new traffic to the website)

Conversions:  23 ( 12 contact forms and 11 calls)

Cost Per Conversion: $111

Spent:  $2540

New Clients: 5


PPC Extra value:

PPC  helps to acquire leads. It also increases organic search because it puts your agency in front of potential clients. Later, users that have already engaged with your ad will come back to your site with a brand keyword by typing your company’s name on Google. Furthermore, PPC also boosts brand awareness.

To conclude, the campaign delivered 12 new clients in 30 days with a budget of $6000 and the website acquired 895 new visits. (New people that learn about Caring On Demand).

Note: Based on our experience, we know that contact form conversions are about 10% – 12% while calls conversions are about 15-20%. Thats’s why we use call extension in the ads.