Email marketing is still a great way to generate and convert leads. We highly recommend adding this channel to your marketing mix. When a user lands on your website and reads your content, then this is the moment to offer them something in exchange for their information. After the information is provided by the prospects, we can start emailing this person and following her/his in the sales channel.

The rule of 7 says that a person needs to interact with a brand at least 7 times before making a decision. Then, sending emails to remind families looking for care and referral sources is the best way to be in the loop. This definitely increases your chances to earn business.

We are champions crafting email marketing campaigns to convert visitors into clients, and to engage with referral sources or nurture current clients.. We segment each group and we only send relevant content to each of your “personas” .
Then, what are you waiting for? Start implementing email marketing to your digital initiatives, and see how your list grows and your clients acquisition does too.