Company Overview:

We have partnered with a company that gives us access to a directory with more than 20,000 business listings where we can get valuable data about senior care. Their primary goal is to guide seniors and their families along the difficult journey of finding the right care, and we have a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with them. 


Our partner has been in business for 27 years and is one of the top five players in the senior living space in the United States. The company has an online platform that provides information and guidance for different verticals such as assisted living, in-home care, memory care, retirement communities, and more. They offer a nationwide platform that builds technology that focuses on gathering data and insights to connect elder care providers with families. 




Google Ads is a highly competitive space for the senior living industry. Big players like A Place for Mom and Senior Advisor have established names. They are bidding on the most popular keywords every day, and they have massive marketing budgets to support them. 


To compete with the giants in the industry, we decided to redirect our focus to a couple of regions in the southeastern part of the United States. The CPC is lower in these areas than in notable states such as New York and California, and we assumed the competition would not be as intense. 


We started some campaigns from scratch and didn’t have any CPC data for the territories we selected. Our team worked extensively on keyword research in setting up the campaigns.



We have three goals for helping senior care companies prosper, and they include:


  1. Acquiring leads of people looking for private-pay assisted living options
  2. Converting leads by getting them into new placements with assisted-living facility partners
  3. Helping families find the most appropriate facilities for their loved ones



Senior Care Clicks stepped in to handle PPC management at a high level. We did this by anchoring paid media strategies with the goal of delivering a high volume of quality leads — leads that would easily convert. 


Here are the things we did:


  • Segmented campaigns by location to enable unique targeting
  • Attracted the right clicks by using the most popular keywords and branding
  • Created Google Ads groups with the theme keyword so Google would recognize them as highly relevant and display the ads more frequently
  • Ran search query reports frequently and added negative and high-performing terms to increase the campaign’s performance
  • Reviewed non-converting, high-cost keywords and paused them to free up the budget for the best-performing keywords

The Results:

Our PPC management services have effectively integrated campaigns within our client’s lead generation funnel. Senior Care Clicks has consistently helped deliver leads. 


Results include:


  • Improved monthly overall conversion volume
  • Lowered the CPA from $65 to $41
  • Generated 830 calls within 4 months


Here is a peek into the Google Ads Campaigns that we ran for this client. 


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