Drive traffic to your senior care website

Increasing traffic to your senior care business website helps to drive business growth. By monitoring your analytics, you’ll know whether your marketing efforts to increase organic traffic are working well. They’ll give you insights about gaps and weaknesses in your SEO strategy.

All web traffic isn’t created equally. A heavy focus on quality traffic will drive the best results.  

Focusing on Quality Traffic Over Free Traffic

To increase traffic to your senior care or assisted living website, consider the two purposes of website traffic:

1. Increased traffic to your site will improve your search engine ranking.

2. A high rank drives traffic to your site organically.

If traffic isn’t creating conversions, shift your efforts toward improving engagement.

Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Assisted Living Website

It takes multiple channels working in concert to bring in lots of traffic. Your marketing strategies won’t be successful without investing sufficient time, money, and effort into tapping into various channels.

Try these digital marketing channels:

·   Email marketing campaigns

·   Social media campaign

·   Online directory listings

·   Online ads

·   Regular blog page

·   SEO strategies on your pages

·   SEO strategies coming from other sites

Google My Business

Most people search for senior living and assisted care living facilities using a Google search. Completing your Google My Business listing ensures that your listing shows near the top. Filling out your address, business hours, and other details is free and it’s sure to generate leads.

Benefits of Google My Business for Lead Generation

With a Google My Business account, you can post photos of your facility and your staff in action.

Google My Business is free for the taking and the benefits are priceless:

·   Displays your listing for relevant searches

·   Increases your branding and visibility

·   Brings more website traffic to your pages

·   Motivates prospects to schedule an on-site visit

·   Provides free testimonials

Boost Your On-Page SEO Strategy

Search engines weigh heavily on high-quality content when determining the rank for your senior living or assisted living facility website. Make sure that your blog articles and web page content is concise, well-written, and informative. Be sure to write impactful meta descriptions for your pages. Think of your meta descriptions as a sort of highly concise elevator speech.

Take Advantage of Free Listings in Online Directories

There are lots of free online directories and review sites where you can list your business. Keep a spreadsheet of all the places where you’re listed on online directories so that you can update all of them in the event of a change. Keeping your listings current gives you a better chance of getting more website traffic.

Build as Many Backlinks as Possible

When another site adds your link to their site, it’s called a backlink. Call on influencers in the senior care industry or some of your vendors to see if they’ll add your link to their site. Backlinks will yield a much larger audience and spread the good word about your senior care services exponentially. Google will reward your backlinking efforts too.

Social Media Postings Drive Free Website Traffic

Posting on social media sites is just as easy as it is free. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest all offer you free opportunities to drive traffic to your website. Social media sites are popular places to post informative blog articles, videos, and photos of how you’re helping seniors live a quality lifestyle.

Set Up Landing Pages for Senior Care

Landing pages are web pages where you can set up offers for discounts or referrals. You could use them to entice prospects to enter their contact information in exchange for a report or an ebook. Landing pages offer a great way to capture some of the details that will help you engage prospects and keep them coming back until they convert.

Target Long-Tail Keywords

More people are starting to refine their online searches by putting descriptive phrases into the search engine box. These are called long-tail keywords. There are tools on the web that will help you find appropriate keywords to help you get the qualified leads that are the most likely to create conversions.

Start Email Marketing

If you don’t already have an email marketing strategy, it’s time to start one—it’s also free. Send out regular newsletters and throw in a special offer here or there to grab your prospects’ attention.

As a word of caution—don’t blast them with too many emails or too many flashy ads or people will unsubscribe quickly.

Guest Blog

As an expert in senior health care, you probably have a large network of people that are vested in seeing your senior care agency succeed. Ask another industry leader if they’d be willing to contribute a guest blog post to your site and offer to do the same for them. Leave a positive review for them and ask the same in return.

Interview Industry Thought Leaders

Your prospects want answers to their questions about senior care. A good way to answer them is to interview industry thought leaders and they’ll feel honored that you asked. Email out a list of questions for them to answer and get their permission to publish them. If the interview publishes the interview as well, you just got another quality backlink.

Engage Online

You won’t have to look too far to find online groups about senior care within your community and in the surrounding areas. Sign up and be active. Other members will see you as an expert on senior care. The more you engage with people interested in the topic, the more exposure you gain for your agency. Be genuine and sincere. This isn’t the place for the hard sell.

Make Mobile Responsiveness a Top Priority

Internet searchers are just as likely to use mobile phones or tablets to search for senior care. It’s essential to optimize your website for mobile devices. If they have to swipe and scroll too much, you’re likely to lose them when the time is ripe.

Check the Loading Speed of Your Site

The senior care industry is competitive. A high bounce rate indicates that your site takes too long to load. If prospects have to wait too long, it makes you look unprofessional. Optimize your pages carefully and pay special attention to your image file sizes, page structure, and plugins.

Share Videos on Your Website and Social Media Pages

Videos are highly engaging for users. It gives them a chance to see you and hear what you have to say. The senior care industry is a highly personal field and a clip of your services gives them an indication of how you provide care.

Present at Senior Care Conferences

When you present at conferences, it establishes you as an expert and a thought leader in the industry. Record your presentation or slides and incorporate them into your overall marketing strategy.

Post Content on Senior Care Online Communities

Many sites have online hangouts for you to post content on senior care:

·   Facebook groups

·   Reddit

·   Online forums

·   Quora-answer questions

Finally, the hardest part of getting higher quality traffic that’s free is just learning a few tricks of the trade. Try a few of the strategies listed here and watch your conversions increase.

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