A home care agency with branches in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, and Texas. This company has more than 20 year’s experience in offering non-medical, in-home care for seniors.
The challenge
The website was not optimized for search engines. There were no blogs, articles, or content of any type to bring traffic to the site.  advertising, Social Media, or SEO. Digital Marketing was not a channel to increase client acquisition. This home care agency relies on salespeople only.

The Solution:

We created a new website. Work on SEO strategy. Content strategy, Local SEO strategy. We also set up Google Ads and Facebook ads to acquire new clients and recruit caregivers.
We created hundreds of local listings for every branch, we also create a contest to incentive the employees to collect reviews. We published more than 100 blogs. In addition, we acquire backlinks weekly.
Google ads were bringing 3-5 new clients a month and Facebook ads helped to full fill the caregiver needs.



The Results:

The backlink strategy helped to increase Domain Authority- bring more traffic. As a result, our client generated double leads before starting the backlinks strategy.
We launched the new site, we earned several Google Quick Answer Boxes for our client. The leads increased by 120%. The blog increased by 140% traffic. As a result, the client acquired organic leads ( contact forms and calls).
Our hard work put our client before his competitors in the search results.


Home Care Increase traffic Case study

Changes in Frequent Questions

Older adults are one of the most vulnerable populations when it comes to viruses and other illnesses. Concern over the risks associated with COVID-19 is sparking different questions than what seniors and their families have typically asked online in connection with senior care services in the past. To be competitive in the senior care industry, you have to change your keywords and marketing strategies.

SEMrush partnered with us to a more concentrated look at searches for senior care services in the top states that are home to the most people over 65.   

Changes in the Most Frequent Questions about Senior Care in the US

Data on senior care provided by Semrush tells us about changes in the keyword phrases consumers have been using since news of the pandemic surfaced.

These phrases increased by the following percentages:

  • What is hospice care at home 193.13%
  • How much does private home care cost 122.97%
  • What is a nursing home 88.74%

These phrases decreased by the following percentages:

  • How to start a senior living facility -59.09%
  • How to pay for a nursing home -45.93%
  • How much does Medicaid pay for nursing home care -36.61%

Changes in the Most Frequent Questions About Senior Care for 10 States with Oldest Population

Before we get started, let’s talk about how to define the oldest population. The average retirement age is typically classified as individuals who are age 65 or older. The most recent U.S. Census Bureau’s latest American Community Survey gives us information about the top 10 most popular states for elderly people. 

We’ve taken that information, along with data taken from Semrush to give you an overview of keyword phrases that have increased and decreased in the top 10 states for senior residents. Semrush conducted a review of data collected from the “People also ask” box during the time frames before the pandemic became known and after it became global news. 

Here’s what they found:


When we think of retirees and senior citizens, we imagine them flocking to warmer climates in droves. Surprisingly, people in their golden years are drawn to this northeastern state where they can enjoy art enrichment, great food, and opportunities for outdoor recreation. About 20.5% of Maine’s population accounts for senior residents.  

In Maine, here are the keyword phrases that increased and decreased due to the impact of COVID-19:


  • How to open a home care agency 200.00%
  • How many seniors live in assisted living facilities 200.00%
  • Does Medicare cover nursing home care 80.00%


  • Who qualifies for home health care services -57.14%
  • What can a nursing home take for payment -50.00%
  • Does Medicaid cover nursing home -50.00%


It comes as no surprise that 20.5% of Florida’s population is over the age of 65. In fact, nearly one in 10 residents are age 75 or over. With sunny weather, lots of places to walk, and the absence of estate and inheritance taxes, Florida is an attractive option for rest and relaxation. 

In Florida, here are the keyword phrases that increased and decreased due to the impact of COVID-19:


  • What is hospice care at home 304.35%
  • Does medicare cover senior living facilities 300.00%
  • How much does private home care cost 151.85%


  • How to become a Medicare certified home healthcare agency  -100.00%
  • How to pay for nursing home -59.43%
  • How to qualify for home health care -34.48%

West Virginia

This state lies just below Maine and Florida as one of the most popular states for elderly people. About 20% of the population in West Virginia is over the age of 65. Like Florida, West Virginia doesn’t charge for estate or inheritance taxes, and the cost of living makes West Virginia living affordable. 

In West Virginia, here are the keyword phrases that increased and decreased due to the impact of COVID-19:


  • What is hospice home care 200.00%
  • What is the difference between assisted living and nursing home 60.00%
  • How much does medicaid pay for nursing home 50.00%


  • How to choose a home care agency -100.00%
  • How to generate leads for senior living facilities -50.00%
  • How much does home health care cost -42.86%


Moving down the line, about 19.8% of the state’s population has reached the age of 65. While the cost of living is a bit higher than in other parts of the nation, beautiful scenery and small-town living are a big draw for many seniors. 

In Vermont, here are the keyword phrases that increased and decreased due to the impact of COVID-19:


  • How much is a nursing home 200.00%
  • How to get a license for home health care business 200.00%
  • What is assisted living vs nursing homes 150.00%


  • Does Medicare cover caregiver services -100.00%
  • Can a resident leave a nursing home -80.00%
  • How to protect your assets from nursing homes -50.00%


About 18.8% of Montana’s population is age 65 or over. Seniors flock there for the majestic beauty of the mountains and the peaceful oceans and lakes. Montana has many retirement-friendly communities, and the taxes and cost of living are just as friendly.

In Montana, here are the keyword phrases that increased and decreased due to the impact of COVID-19:


  • Who pays for nursing home care 200.00%
  • How long does Medicare pay for home health care 133.33%
  • Can a nursing home take your house 100.00%


  • How much do senior living facilities cost -100.00%
  • How much do home health nurses make -66.67%
  • Can you check yourself out of a nursing home -50.00%


Another state with mild weather and low taxes that people over the age of 65 enjoy is Delaware. About 18.7% of Delaware’s population is in the senior range. Delaware offers retirement communities and the tax advantages are easy on the budget. 

In Delaware, here are the keyword phrases that increased and decreased due to the impact of COVID-19:


  • Can a nursing home ban visitors 200.00%
  • How much does in-home care cost 100.00%
  • Who pays for hospice care at home 50.00%


  • Who pays for caregiver services -100.00%
  • Can a resident leave a nursing home -66.67%
  • Who qualifies for home health care services -37.50%


About 18.4% of the Aloha State population is occupied by people over the age of 65. Sunny skies and sandy beaches are a huge attraction for older people looking to take life a little easier.

In Hawaii, here are the keyword phrases that increased and decreased due to the impact of COVID-19:


  • Does Medicare cover caregiver services 200.00%
  • How to protect assets if spouse goes into nursing home 200.00%
  • How much does home health care cost 100.00%


  • How much do senior living facilities cost -100.00%
  • Who pays for nursing home care -66.67%
  • How to start a nursing home -42.86%


About 18.2% of Pennsylvania’s population is over the age of 65. It’s one of the few states that doesn’t tax retirement income, so it makes for a senior-friendly living environment.

In Pennsylvania, here are the keyword phrases that increased and decreased due to the impact of COVID-19:


  • What is senior living facilities 300.00%
  • What is hospice care at home 247.62%
  • How to grow a home care agency 200.00%


  • How to open a senior living facility -100.00%
  • How to start a caregiving service -60.00%
  • Who qualifies for home health care services -46.15%

New Hampshire

The long winters and heavy snowfall don’t keep large numbers of seniors from living in the beautiful state of New Hampshire. About 18.1% of New Hampshire’s citizens are over the age of 65. Excellent healthcare and low taxes make New Hampshire a great place for seniors to call home. 

In New Hampshire, here are the keyword phrases that increased and decreased due to the impact of COVID-19:


  • How to start a nursing home 300.00%
  • What is hospice home care 100.00%
  • Does Medicaid pay for nursing home 50.00%


  • How to generate leads for senior living facilities -75.00%
  • How to start a home care agency -66.67%
  • Can a resident leave a nursing home -50.00%

South Carolina

South Carolina has an abundance of golf courses, sandy beaches, and history. These things were big draws for the 17.7% of South Carolina’s population that’s over the age of 65.

In South Carolina, here are the keyword phrases that increased and decreased due to the impact of COVID-19:


  • What is hospice care at home 144.44%
  • Does Medicare pay for caregiver services 100.00%
  • Who pays for hospice care at home 55.56%


  • How much do senior living facilities cost -100.00%
  • What is a senior living facility -66.67%
  • How to start a caregiving service -50.00%


To wrap things up, it’s obvious the people are looking for ways to keep seniors safe at home. The latest search results demonstrate that people are concerned about the costs associated with senior care and the relative safety of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. 

SEO for senior care services will continue to evolve as the world finds a new equilibrium. If you need help navigating these changing waters, SeniorCareClicks is here to help. Call us for a quote today at 954-401-9058.

affordable seo services

It’s pretty much a given for home care agencies to have a website, but the challenge is how to implement SEO so that it ranks your site high in the search engines so customers are clicking on your site rather than another agency’s website. Before you start shaking your head over the thought of your marketing budget rising, you should know that affordable SEO services are within reach, even if your agency is small.

You’re in the business of getting clients and hiring home care providers because that’s where your expertise lies. When you hire an affordable SEO expert to help you do your job better, you get the technical expertise that justifies the expense. Yet, you may be asking yourself, “Is it really worthwhile to hire an SEO marketing professional?”

Let me ask you another question. If an SEO expert could show you how they get results in a transparent way and they guarantee results, is that something that would interest you?  Consider how SEO digital marketing strategies can help you grow your business to cover the costs of an SEO specialist.

Why Do You Need to Optimize Your Website?

The goal of advertising is to get your business noticed so consumers will take notice of the great work you do. With SEO marketing strategies, your target audience won’t get a circular in the mail—an affordable SEO company does something even better. A well-crafted SEO marketing strategy boosts your website behind the scenes to showcase your brand in a highly professional way.

Consumers in your community are looking for senior home care services on the internet, perhaps daily. If they spot an attractive listing at the top of the page, they’re not inclined to scroll further. An SEO marketer knows how to implement the complex strategies that will get your listing to the top of the page. They should be able to do it while offering affordable SEO packages.

Digital marketers have the expertise to effectively research your website trends, including the keywords people are using to look for home care agencies. The right SEO strategies will optimize your website to those keywords and greatly increase the amount of traffic to your website.

Why Do You Need SEO Services for a Home Care Agency?

You’ll find a range of pricing for digital marketers, as with any other company you do business with on a personal or professional level. The key to getting the right digital marketer is to look for value, and it is possible to find affordable SEO services for a small business. In fact, you may be able to save about 50% of your budget for ad spending by working with an affordable SEO expert.

For small businesses, it’s not only important to increase traffic flow to your website, but it’s also important to drive the right customers to your site to get the best ROI. To do that an SEO expert deploys the critical steps for SEO while customizing the most effective marketing strategy for your home care agency.

Types of Affordable SEO Services for Home Care Agencies

You might be wondering exactly what you can expect to get for your marketing dollars when you choose an affordable SEO expert. The following marketing strategies offer a glimpse of some of the ways an SEO professional can help you build your home care agency.

On-Page SEO Services

With every website page, there are a host of factors that help drive traffic such as:

·   Meta title

·   Meta description

·   URL

·   Images

An SEO marketer knows precisely how to use these tools to boost on-page factors to get your pages ranked higher on Google and other search engines.

An affordable SEO expert focuses on these factors to implement an effective on-page SEO strategy:

  • Keyword research
  • URL optimization
  • Title tag optimization
  • Optimizing content
  • Optimizing heading tags
  • Optimizing internal and external links

Services for Link Building Strategies

Google sets the guidelines for effective link building. The right link building strategy elevates your business on search listings while the wrong strategy can drop your position.

Be wary of companies that profess to offer affordable SEO packages that are using what Google considers to be spammy practices. Some companies are using private blog networks (PBN) which means that they’re driving traffic to sites using link farms, private blog networks, and massive blog commenting to show activity on your site. The fact is, Google recognizes strategies that aren’t genuine, and they’ll penalize you in the rankings for doing it.

Look for affordable SEO services for small businesses that use white hat, or legitimate blogging strategies. Here’s what to look for:

  • An original link building strategy
  • Analysis of competitor sites
  • Manual blogger strategies
  • Reclaiming broken link
  • Avoids spammy backlinks

Technical SEO Services

Even when you’re publishing high-quality content and using quality backlinks, you can have technical problems in marketing. It can be puzzling to understand why Google isn’t indexing your home care agency site. An SEO expert digs deeper to fix technical issues to boost your Google rank.

Here’s how they do it:

  • Optimize page speed
  • Fix errors with 4xx and 3xx
  • Analyze log file
  • Sitemap integration

SEO Services for Local Search

A focus on local search improves your ranking greatly. Professional marketers know the right strategies for using name, address, and phone number (NAP) and other local SEO strategies to boost rankings for people in your community:

  • Local SEO for links and on-page blogging
  • Add your Google My Business listing
  • Build citations
  • Set up directory listings

Google recognizes and rewards local search strategies.

Quality Content Writing

Quality content is the key to informing your target audience while following Google guidelines. An affordable SEO company works with niche content writers that know your business and your target audience. Quality writers are also “in-the-know” about how to use keywords effectively in blog writing and they work jointly with marketers to improve your rank.

Looking for Value in an Affordable SEO Company for Home Care Business Owners

A huge advantage of hiring an affordable SEO expert is that you get the services that work best and allocate funds toward them that work for your budget. Essentially, you get the greatest value.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to shell out funds for premium SEO service plans. What you do need is:

·   Transparency on how SEO is working for you

·   Proof of results

·   An SEO expert that knows how your business works

All that can work within your budget when you choose the right SEO marketer for senior home care.

How to Hire the Best Affordable SEO Services for Home Care Business?

That’s a lot to take in, so let’s make it easy by giving you a short overview of affordable services for small businesses that give you the greatest ROI over the long run.

There are distinct ways to ensure that you’re getting the most for your marketing budget. Look for an SEO expert for your home care agency that is results-oriented and can quantify their methods.

Use a Credible and Affordable SEO Company

SEO marketing companies claim to help you rank higher. You want to be sure that it’s not a false promise. Ask for examples of case-studies within the senior care niche market to demonstrate how they’ve been successful.

Does Their Blog Content Reflect the Latest Trends in SEO?

Quality SEO marketers practice what they preach. Their own blogs should reflect content about the latest SEO trends, challenges, and opportunities. If their content is current and is continually updated, you know they’re at the top of their game.

Read Their Online Reviews

Online reviews are telling when it comes to buying any kind of product or service. Judging effective and affordable SEO experts is no exception. Positive or negative, read all their online reviews. Learn what marketers are doing right and how they address things when they go wrong.

Inquire About SEO Marketing Tools

A quality SEO expert will be able to explain the tools they use to get tangible results. They should be able to show you concrete proof of how their strategies work, either on your own site, or someone else’s. Choosing the right SEO marketing company has as much to do with how they analyze data and strategize for SEO as well as whether they get visible results.

Ask for Examples of Quality Content

The SEO company that’s right for you understands that stuffing content full of keywords won’t increase your ranking. Don’t be afraid to ask for examples of content they’ve used before. A good SEO marketer will be able to point out what goes into great content for SEO.

Read the In-House Team’s Bios

With a limited budget for marketing, you need to work with an expert marketer that has a qualified team behind them. To ensure you’re getting good results, look for bios on the in-house team on the marketer’s website and ensure the whole team has the expertise to get the job done right.

There’s no question that search engine optimization is increasingly important to growing your business in the home care industry. SEO strategies are complex and to get them right, you need an expert SEO strategist. Armed with this information, you should be in good shape to choose the right SEO marketer for your home care agency.

A quality affordable SEO marketing company will be willing to give you a trial to demonstrate how you can get a good return on your investment.

Regardless of the size of your home care agency, consider how SeniorCareClicks can partner with you to elevate your search ranking above your competitors. 

how to grow a home care agency

As a home care agency, your clients and your caregivers are your livelihood. You play a valuable role in their lives, as well as the lives of their families.

The baby boomer generation is now entering their golden years. Due to aging, many of them need help at home today. While baby boomers aren’t necessarily known for their expertise with technology and social media, many of those that love and care about them have greater familiarity with it. That’s an important consideration when you consider the source of your referrals as you use digital marketing and social media as a means for how to grow a home care agency.

Facebook and other social media platforms are highly popular places where people hang out online. By establishing a strong presence on social media, you’ll quickly learn how to acquire new clients and how to hire caregivers using this medium.

SEO for home care is your ticket to using your company website pages as a hub to acquire leads, get reviews that lead to referrals, and hire caregivers. Your website is live 24/7 and it can be a hive of activity even when you’re sleeping.

How Can SEO Help Your Home Care Business?

To understand the benefits of SEO as you develop your marketing plan for how to grow a home care agency, do an online search for “home care agency.”

Here’s what you’ll find:

·   Large featured ads for well-established home care agencies

·   A map with locations of high-ranking home care agency websites

·   Links to other home care agencies  (much lower on the page)

The question you should be asking yourself is, “What can I do to get my home care agency’s website at the top of the page?”

The beauty of SEO is that you can appear at the top of the page even if you’re not an industry leader in home care when you use the right SEO digital marketing strategy.

What does the right strategy consist of?

·   Backlinks

·   Valuable Content

·   Schema markups ( advanced SEO)

·   Establishing a local online presence

·   Reviews

·   Video

·   Social Media 

All of these digital marketing strategies work individually and together to get Google’s attention and prompt them to rank your site higher on a SERP, which refers to a search engine results page. These SEO strategies will increase organic traffic to your website.

What Is On-Page SEO?

There are distinct ways to improve your company’s web pages to attract prospects and new caregiver hires directly to your website. These enhancements are called on-page SEO strategies.

On-page SEO is in contrast to off-page SEO which refers to guiding people to view your website from the backlinks from other online sources like other commercial or personal websites and social media platforms.

Caregiving is a highly personal and sensitive issue for many people, and they’re bound to do multiple online searches in their quest to find home care services. The question is, “Will they find your home care agency?”

Use Keywords to Boost Your SEO

As you’re searching for the information you need on the internet, you don’t consciously think about the word “keyword.” Yet, you’re putting keywords into the search box every time you need to look up something on the web.

In fact, you probably searched using the words “how to grow a home care agency” and you found this article.

When your prospects are searching online, they’re using keywords for:

·   Names of local cities near your agency

·   Types of care

·   Conditions or illnesses that typically benefit from home care

·   Home care services, home health care services, in-home care agency, caregivers, and other variations.

Your prospects are relying on your knowledge and expertise in the home care industry. The more of that you share online, the more likely they’ll be to choose your website over another one.

Write Great Page’s Title/Description

Here’s a little-known digital marketing secret. The key to using keywords is to use them consistently throughout your marketing plan. The title and description of your webpage is a good place to start.

If you looked closely enough when you did the online search for “home care agency” as noted earlier, you noticed that companies used various styles and formats for their listings. The most effective listings will include one or more of the following things:

·   A city in the title

·   An adjective

·   A qualifier

·   A descriptive phrase

Think of each word in your page title as a keyword.

Publish Fresh Home Care Content Often

Another essential SEO tip is to publish home care content often and make sure it’s quality content. Google gives high priority to relevant content that is of high quality.

Here are some tips for how to do it well:

·   Diversify your content with video, blogs, infographics, social media posts, etc.

·   Add a relevant meta description to all your visual media formats.

·   Add new content to different pages or sections of pages on your website

·   Publish existing content in other formats (turn a blog article into an infographic)

·   Publish one piece of content per day (once a week at a minimum)

By following these tips, search engine crawlers will lead prospects to your door.

Acquire Backlinks to Boost Your Online Presence

Backlinks are mutually beneficial. Let’s qualify that by saying, they’re beneficial to your home care agency when they originate from a quality web page. The number and quality of backlinks to your site have a major bearing on whether Google sends you organic traffic. Partner with them by offering to link to their site as well.

Where will you find quality backlinks? Here are some viable sources:

·   Healthcare facilities

·   Local nonprofits

·   Well-ranked companies within your industry

·   Independent care managers

·   Other industry professionals that refer people to home care services

An easy way to do this is to add a list of trusted local resources for families exploring home care services on one of your web pages.

The Importance of Online Local Presence

Go local is a common modern phrase, and it also ranks high in importance for establishing a strong local presence online.

Again, if you’re detail-oriented, you’ll notice that Google My Business listings appear at the top of the search results. That’s a strong indication that you need to claim and set up your Google My Business page and do it correctly. It’s free and easy, so there’s no reasonable excuse for not doing it.

Here’s how:

·   Search for your home care agency online using Google Maps

·   Click on “manage this page” on the bottom right

·   Sign into a Google account

·   Start adding details, business hours, photos, links, and videos

Newer agencies may not find their businesses on maps, but you can set one up by going to google.com/places and click on the “get started for free” button.

Advanced SEO Will Put Your Website in Front of Potential Clients

With an aging baby boomer generation and people needing home care due to the pandemic, the competition for home care is profound. In addition to general SEO practices, E-A-T and schema markups are advanced SEO strategies that get results.

What Is E-A-T SEO?

Despite its acronym, E-A-T has more to do with feeding organic traffic to your website than food. E-A-T refers to Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines emphasize the importance of demonstrating quality on and off your website to increase your ranking. A simple way to do create credibility using E-A-T strategies is to write a concise profile of an expert from the site that your backlink originates from. Referring to an admin isn’t authoritative enough on its own.

What Is Schema Markup?

Schema markup refers to code that you use to tag your content to help search engines narrow in on the sites they’re looking for.

This example depicts what schema markup looks like here an example of FAQ schema markup and how it looks on Google.

Use Local Business Directories to Boost Local Presence

To prevent giving your prospects the runaround, keep a spreadsheet of all the places your business contact information appears online, complete with usernames and login information, and keep it current.

Here are the 20 most popular Business Listing websites:

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo!
  4. Yelp
  5. Facebook
  6. Better Business Bureau
  7. Angie’s List
  8. Merchant Circle
  9. LinkedIn
  10. YP.com
  11. Whitepages
  12. Superpages.com
  13. Yellow Book
  14. CitySearch
  15. MapQuest/Yext
  16. Local.com
  17. Foursquare
  18. CitySlick
  19. USDirectory.com
  20. Dex Media

Place priority on “local search rankings” over “general page rankings.”

Reputation Management: Don’t Forget to Collect Reviews

As you become more in tune with how to grow a home care agency, don’t overlook the importance of managing your online reputation. Prospects that find your agency through referrals are likely to take the extra step of checking out your reputation online and they’re bound to make reviews their first stop.

Reputation management for home care will help you highlight positive reviews and avoid bad reviews that can destroy your online presence and your agency.

Social Media to Enhance Your Home Care Brand

Your future clients come from your community, and the best place to find them is on social media. Take a look at these recent statistics:

·   4.54 billion people use the internet worldwide (up 298 million from January 2019)

·   3.8 billion people use social media the world over as of January 2020 (321 million more than 2019)

·   YouTube and Facebook top the list of the most popular social media platforms

Video Marketing as part of your marketing mix

Videos are particularly important for marketing plans for home care agencies due to the personal nature of caregiving. Videos will draw people in because it helps them envision the type of care they can expect if they contract with your agency. Video storytelling makes your promotions believable.

Creating videos is also a good way to multipurpose your content. Here are a few ways to put them to use:

·   Display videos on your website

·   Post videos on social media

·   Add videos to your Google My Business page

·   Include videos on your e-newsletters

How to Acquire Qualified Leads

To be successful in developing an overall plan for how to grow a home care agency, it’s critical to heed the following tips for successful SEO strategy for home care agencies:

·   Use your keywords consistently

·   Post on social media regularly

·   Add some type of content to your blog daily

·   Bolster the content on your Google My Business page

·   References to experts in the industry boost your credibility (especially if they have 20 years’ experience or longer)

The more online visibility you give your agency by using different digital marketing channels, the better chance you have of being seen as a trusted authority within the industry of home care.  

I Need Caregivers! How I Can Find Them?

The boom in the home care industry has also led to a scarcity of caregivers. According to Home Health Care News, the turnover rate for caregivers in the home care industry has plummeted to 64.3% in 2019 after it reached a high in 2018. The findings stem from the 11th edition of the annual Home Care Benchmarking Study which also reports on other industry trends.

You can easily extend your digital marketing efforts to recruiting highly qualified caregivers. There are lots of digital and non-digital options for acquiring caregivers. With our many years of experience in the senior home care industry, we’ve discovered the following methods to be the most successful for acquiring top talent in senior caregiving:

·   Social media paid ads (i.e. Facebook employment ads)

·   Google PPC ads

·   Email marketing along with a referral program

·   Promoting an in-house event online

Here’s the best news of all. You don’t have to do it alone. Senior Care Clicks can help you to grow your home care agency through digital marketing. We work exclusively with those who care for the elderly and their families. You need a digital marketing expert like us that knows the senior care industry inside and out. We have the hands-on expertise on how to implement SEO to increase online visibility for your brand and increase the stream of organic traffic to your website.

Call us now at (954) 401-9058 or contact us today to learn more

Best seo practice for home care

Imagine that your home care agency was located in the center of town and there were a few other home care agencies within a few blocks of your location. In making your decision for where to set up shop, you considered the amount of auto and foot traffic. You checked out your competition’s storefronts and dressed the windows with ads using keywords to draw in your target customers. 


Setting up your website works much the same way. When you enter the term “home care agency” into the search engine box, you’ll see featured ads for large, well-known agencies right at the top of the page. Next, you’ll see a map with locations of high-ranking agency sites. Scroll down the page and you’ll see links to other home care agencies near you or in the location that you named in your search.


On-Page SEO for Home Health Care


It’s essential to optimize your home page so that it will rank high in search engines. In the same way, you’ll get more relevant traffic on each of your other pages when you take the time to set up the content and the HTML source code to drive traffic to each page. 


On-Page SEO Elements


Review each of your pages to make sure your keywords are optimized without being overused. Here are areas to review:


  • URLs
  • Title tags
  • body content
  • image alt text 
  • meta descriptions
  • Schema mark up


Use your strongest keywords consistently when optimizing your pages. Begin with your site’s webpage title and refine each page title and description along the same lines. 


When you do a search for a home care agency, take note of the different styles and formats of the boldface titles of each listing. Most listings will have more than just the name and/or city. When Google crawls the internet it’s looking to match the search terms against the words in your page title to determine how high to rank your page. 


If you’re not sure where to find your site’s page title, look for it in your HTML code. If you can’t find it, do a search for “revise (page title) and your site platform (WordPress, Wix, etc.)”. Strive for a strong, specific title and try to limit the total characters to 65-70 characters including spaces. If you are using WordPress adding a plugin such as Yoast will make it easy for you to add and optimize the On-Page elements.

Yoast pluging for SEO


For example, a keyword strong title of your homepage could be something like:




On Page Local SEO

Your page description is called the meta description and it will appear right under the title in the search results. Be aware that your meta description won’t be taken into account for your webpage ranking, but it gives your prospects a quick glimpse of what you do. That’s a key point because it may trigger them to click on the link to your site. It’s a no-cost way to advertise your site. You’ll have the best luck with it when you can keep your character count under 160. 


Use the Right Keywords for Home Health Care


To find the right keywords to optimize your pages, start building a list of keywords that you can choose from. Here are some ideas for how to get it started:


  • Words your prospects are likely to type into the search box
  • Words based on your expert knowledge of the industry
  • Types of care
  • Illnesses or conditions that benefit from home care
  • Local or community names


Once you have a basic list, you can use digital tools to check your list which might give you some additional keyword ideas. The following three tools are some of the favorites:


  1. Keyword Planner by Google-gives you the search volume for the keywords you want to rank for. It also gives you the prices of suggested bids which come in handy if you want to run Google ads in the future. 
  2. SEMrush-provides huge amount of data on keyword, competitors, paid ads( keywords), content marketing( keyword ideas)
  3. Ahrefs-gives you instant data on new keywords earned, lost keywords, keywords movement, competitors keywords.


Home Care Content Marketing


So many socioeconomic changes are happening in the world right now that it’s creating lots of new opportunities for home care agencies. Think shareworthy and variety when choosing content that will grab your prospect’s attention and keep it.


Vary your content to keep it interesting with formats like:


  • Short videos
  • interviews
  • Blog articles
  • Site and facility tours
  • Infographics with statistics
  • Guides
  • Podcast series
  • Case Studies


By creating content using a variety of formats, you can often repurpose it in other ways, as needed. Another tip that I find to be very effective is to touch base with the sales team after publishing new content because it often generates new questions. I can then take those questions and incorporate the answers to improve my content even further. 


Claim Your Local Business Directory Listings


Don’t neglect the “local” search rankings. It’s not worth your time, effort, or money to attract national traffic if your staff only travels a 25-mile radius. 


All the major search engine platforms have their own online maps to match up with your business listing. For your business to appear on each search engine, you have to claim your listing on their site. 


Local search is a powerful tool, so take the time to update your business listing as completely as possible, including your hours of operation and photos. The more information each map app has, the higher your home care agency will rank in local search.


Use this link to see your local search status. Work toward achieving a score of 60 and the higher you can drive it up, the more visible your company will be. This is also a good place to check out your competition’s visibility.

Local Map Presence


Google maps are essential because it creates citations (an online mention of your company’s name, address, and phone number) on other websites like:


  • Merchant circle
  • Angel list
  • Yellow pages
  • Bing
  • Facebook


Add Reviews to Solidify Your Credibility


Prospects for home care agencies rely heavily on reviews and testimonials due to the personal nature of the business. Reviews give you an opportunity to boost your brand’s reputation and protect it by quickly answering negative comments.

Reviews for home care

The Importance of technical SEO


You don’t have to be a developer to design a well-optimized website, but you should have a good understanding of how websites work, how search engines view websites, and how your visitors interact with your website. 


Build the Backlinks for Your Website


Backlinks provide an easy way to drive traffic to your website. Any other site that links to your site creates a backlink for you. Continuously build your backlinks from guides and other sources.


Final Thoughts for SEO Best Practices


The demand for home care services has never been greater. Prospects should be able to find you within seconds using any mobile device. A good SEO strategy can help you make that happen. Your Google ranking is akin to taking out a full-page ad in the yellow pages without the enormous cost. Today, you have the benefit of flexibility and control to modify your SEO strategy as the home care industry evolves without having to print a bulky paper directory. 

If you need help to implement the right SEO for Home Care Strategy, Contact us we can do it for you!