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For hiring and recruiting caregivers during times when it’s a top priority, you need top marketing solutions to fit the bill. Every caregiver agency is facing different circumstances. While you have access to several communication channels for recruiting caregivers, they’re not all equally useful. Certain marketing channels will benefit caregiver agencies than others. 

How can you be certain that the communication channels you’re using are reaching your target audience efficiently? The people that you’re looking to hire may be of a different generation than managers that stem from the baby boomer generation. That’s an important concept to consider because Gen X and the millennials are typically influenced by different communication channels than the baby boomers. 

The most recent generations are characterized by being active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. They’re not apt to be looking for ads in the classified section of the local newspaper. Today’s job seekers are scouring the internet looking for their next employer. You’re better able to find the most skilled caregivers by tailoring your marketing strategy for recruiting and hiring around the channels that your target audience uses daily, rather than the ones that you have the greatest comfort level with. 

This article provides as many ideas as possible so that you can make your own decisions about the types of communication channels that will yield your agency the best results. Getting stellar results takes a bit of time, but don’t worry too much. It’s easier than you might think.

To continually refine your process, it’s important to track the following data for each channel:

  • Cost-per-hire
  • Number of applicants
  • Turnover rate

Consider the following options for communication channels that you can use for home care hiring and recruiting solutions to get new hires:

  • Organic traffic through social media outlets
  • Paid ads through social media outlets
  • Google ads
  • Email marketing
  • Online hiring platforms and job boards
  • SEO for caregiver recruitment
  • Referral programs
  • Open houses for caregiver recruitment
  • Caregiver training events
  • Hiring automation platform for recruiting

Organic Social Media 

A strong social media presence is your key to hire more caregivers. Facebook ads for hiring is resource where individuals in the generations that you want to hire will see every day. 

Facebook ads for employment allows you to set the geographical location of where your future employees reside. Posting jobs every day on your company’s Facebook page is a valuable way to attract caregiver talent. The job features only allow you to post one position at a time, but your post can work in your favor when you attract lots of followers because it will give you organic visibility. 

You can also run your posting as a Facebook ad to target potential recruits. Facebook automatically fills out the application with the jobseeker’s profile which allows them to edit it as necessary. 

Instagram is yet another social media platform that you can use strategically to hire more caregivers. You might consider running a contest asking your followers to tag others that might be interested in a caregiver job offer. You could offer a gift card to them for their efforts. People love contests and free rewards. They’re a great way to help you increase engagement on your social media pages and build thousands of followers. The more that you can build the momentum of the buzz about your jobs and your company, the more likely you will be to attract caregiver recruits. 

Paid Social Media Ads

You have two options for posting paid Facebook ads. 

  1. Boost a post 
  2. Create a paid campaign to promote your job post

Facebook also owns Instagram and it uses the Facebook Ads Manager for ad posting. If you’re interested in segmenting your audience further and tracking analytics, Facebook Manager is a better option than boosting a post because it gives you more call-to-action options. Click on Facebook Ads Manager where you can set your ads up according to your marketing plan. 

Facebook Ads Campaign to recruit caregivers

If you plan to have your staff run Facebook ad campaigns, they can take an exam to be certified. The Facebook Blueprint Certification for advanced-level proficiency in running ads on Facebook’s platform.  

Once you get into the Facebook Ad Manager, you’ll need to clearly define your target audience. Shoot for the broadest audience possible while setting reasonable parameters to attract those that you want to apply.  The placement feature is something you should give careful consideration to. Your selection tells Facebook where to place your ads on Facebook and Instagram. 

I find that the most reasonable budget for small-to-average home care agencies is between $350-$500 per month. That might sound high, but you’ll likely get a good return on your investment. This kind of budget works well for more than just recruitment ads. In my experience, Facebook ads are the most cost-effective way to recruit caregivers. I’ve run many ads on Facebook for recruiting caregivers for clients and the results have been nothing short of amazing. 

Case Study

Google Ads for Recruitment

Google ads give you another top opportunity to identify and engage with potential caregiver recruits. Google’s platform offers extraordinary options for creating hyper-focused ad campaigns. When you set the right parameters, you’ll find that their platform will attract caregivers within certain cities, towns, or zip codes. You can even set a parameter for a specified radius from your facility. 

To maximize your efforts, make certain to spend some time doing keyword research. Your job seekers will likely be putting things like HHA, CHHA, or CNA into the search box when they’re looking for a job. 

To get the most clicks, write great ad copy using clear and simple language. Google ads work similarly to Facebook ads in that you pay for every click. If you have a high-converting landing page, you’ll know that your Facebook or Google ad campaign was a success. You can expect the cost of each caregiver that you hire to cost between $200 to $300 depending on the location. 

Generally, digital marketing requires a lot of testing, and setting up social media ad campaigns is no different. Your goal is to get the largest number of recruits for your marketing budget. Bear in mind that Google ads target a different audience than Facebook ads and the Google ads tend to cost a bit more than Facebook ads. It’s wise to do some testing and calculate your investment for ads for both platforms against your return on investment. 

In addition to posting ads on social media platforms, it’s also a good idea to look at some other strategies for home care hiring and recruiting solutions. 

Job Boards

You may have used sites like Indeed, Craigslist, and some others to hire more caregivers. Jobseekers are certainly combing those sites, and you may get a few recruits from those efforts. It’s wise to keep using them because you want to cast the widest net possible. 

Beyond the concept of getting your company’s name out in front of jobseekers, it’s essential to evaluate the quality of your ads. Your ads should be attractive, eye-catching, and readable. 

It’s very time-consuming to create jobseeker ads on a host of different sites. Some caregiver agencies may decide that it’s more cost-effective for them to hire a recruiting platform to automate the process for you. 

The following sites offer job boards to help you find top talent in caregiver jobs:

  • Indeed
  • Monster
  • Glassdoor
  • US Jobs
  • Adzuna
  • Careerbuilder
  • Craigslist
  • Jobaccept
  • Simplyhired.com
  • Snagajob.com
  • Care.com
  • LDS employment service
  • Caregiver List
  • Caring.com
  • Jobing.com

Email Marketing for Recruiting

As you acquire new applicants, ask them to please “opt in” to your emails so that you can communicate with them via email. You may also want to ask them to “opt in” for text messages from your agency. Getting their permission gives you the right to send them emails about recruiting even more caregivers. 

You may receive 100 applicants in response to your social media ad campaigns or from other sources, and if you only have 60 positions to fill, you’ll still want to maintain a connection with the other 40 applicants. 

Your next step is to respond that you’ve received their applications and you’ll contact them as soon as possible. As you’ll be communicating with them via email moving forward, also ask them to “opt in” for your emails. 

You’ll proceed with hiring 60 of the applicants and you can continue with an email marketing campaign for recruiting to the other 40 applicants. That will give you a pipeline of potential caregivers. 

Mass marketing software like Mailchimp and Constant Contact are valuable tools for creating caregiver recruit lists. These software solutions allow you to create multiple lists for different email campaigns. This feature gives you the ability to create segments for recruits and the candidates that you hired. Your CRM software may connect with mass email marketing software so that you can create automated, customized email campaigns.  

Caregivers also tend to know a lot of other caregivers. Even if you can’t work things out to hire a particular caregiver, they may refer another caregiver to you. Referral programs can be quite successful using this strategy. 

SEO a Recruiting Channel

The caregiver resource section of your website can be a valuable lead generation tool for your Human Resource department. 

SEO can be one of the best tools to help you get qualified home caregivers. Create content on your blog or company website that targets topics like “Caregiver Interview Questions.” Quality caregivers want to be “in the know” about blog information, articles, free courses, and videos about home caregiving. By posting informative information that’s targeted to the caregiving population, it tells workers that you’re proactive in the field and that you care about educating your workers so that they’re always at the top of their game. 

Quality home caregivers are on the hunt for positions where agencies provide them with value. If your home care agency has a stellar reputation, it’s to the caregiver’s benefit to list your agency on their resume for future employment if they ever need it. 

Post content with titles like “How to Become a Home Caregiver with Specialization in Parkinson’s Disease.” Articles on other topics like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are also issues that home caregivers will be interested in. 

You can make your blog articles do double duty by turning them into an eBook and giving them away in exchange for collecting contact information. 

You’ll have the best success in using your agency’s website for recruiting caregivers when you add contact forms to all the pages of your website that are related to caregiver job-seeking. 

Ad banners are another useful tool for promoting caregiver job opportunities. 

With so many digital tools and strategies at your disposal, along with having to spend many hours on keyword research and writing good content, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and do nothing at all. Your best option may be to hire a digital marketing agency to take the work off your hands and perhaps, even get better results than you could do alone. 

Make the best use of the time you spend creating content by using it as a resource for creating videos and infographics. If your budget allows, promote your blog articles on your social media platforms and send them out to recipients via email marketing campaigns. 

Recruitment Platform Solution

Posting on multiple job boards is tedious and time-consuming when you’re trying to run a business. Nevertheless, it’s important to make the effort to give your time and attention to caregiver recruiting and hiring to keep your agency fully staffed with quality home caregivers. By posting on as many communication channels as possible, you’re certain to find the best match between your agency and the types of caregivers you want to employ. We offer a recruiting and hiring platform that will increase the reach for your job post. The recruiting solution that we offer will automate things for you such as each time you post a new job the automation will post your new job on Facebook, Twitter, Indeed.

If your senior care business needs to hire staff such as Caregivers, HHA, CNA, RNA, or any other talent; We can help. Just send us a message by using our Contact form.

How to use facebook to hire caregivers

Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends because it’s the largest online meeting place. Perhaps you haven’t considered that it’s equally productive for business purposes for exactly the same reason. In fact, if you’re in the market to do some hiring, you’re bound to find your next employee on Facebook. 


Here’s why—Facebook has been online for 16 years and they had almost 1.7 billion active daily users by the end of 2019. That means there are millions of men and women between the ages of 18 and 65 on Facebook every day. People are drawn to Facebook, in part, because they enjoy how interactive it is. That makes Facebook a huge resource for hiring and recruitment for home health care staff.


Recruiting Top Talent with Facebook


Facebook’s platform is evolving in ways that get better and better for business. Over 60 million businesses have active business pages and you should too. Hiring and recruitment with Facebook are virtually effortless when you know how to use Facebook for the task. 


If you don’t have a Facebook business page, it’s as easy to set up as it is to set up a personal Facebook page. Just follow this 4-step process:


  1. Go to facebook.com/pages/create. Select the box for business/brand. 
  2. Add your business name to your page and write up a summary of what your business does for the “about” section. 
  3. Add a profile photo and a cover photo. Many businesses like to use their logo for their profile photo. The cover photo can be anything that you feel best represents your business. 
  • Your slogan
  • A photo of your business
  • A group photo of your staff

This link will help you get the dimensions of your photo right for various mobile devices. 


  1. A call-to-action that asks your visitors to visit your website, call your number or inquire about a career. 

Post the Right Content for Caregiver Recruitment on Facebook


As a general rule, whether it’s a blog article, an event, or anything else, your visitors will be more responsive to soft-sell content. Remember that people pull up their Facebook accounts mostly or entertainment. Good business content will distract them from it, but a hard-sell will likely be a turn-off. 


Here are some things to keep in mind when writing a social media job post:


  • Make it relevant
  • Let your brand shine
  • Offer a soft call-to-action by asking them to “comment,” “like,” or “share”
  • Don’t use job postings every day
  • Answer their questions in your ad-hiring right away, all shifts available, etc. 

Here are some ways to apply those tips:


  • Add short videos of your staff talking about why they love their job (and your brand).
  • Short videos of your clients expressing appreciation for a particular caregiver.
  • Give a shout-out to your newest employees.
  • Photos of cheerful, hard-working staff doing what they do best.
  • Sharing blog content that’s geared toward caregivers.
  • Lead them to other relevant content like education opportunities or additional training.

Creating a Great Social Media Job Post for Home Care


In keeping with the soft-sell approach, list the essential information, but don’t give everything away in one post. Here’s a tip for what to include:


  • Job title
  • Location
  • Link to where they can apply
  • Call to action link to see the job description or apply today

You can post your job ad as a regular post. Facebook lets you post a job as an official job post. 


if you have room in your budget and you want greater visibility or your job post, you can also use a paid ad or your job post. To run a paid ad, you can “boost a post” or go into Facebook Ads Manager and create a paid ad campaign to highlight your job post. 


To boost a post, just click on the “boost” box and follow the intuitive steps. Limit your boost to about a week for the best results.


In setting up your ad, pay attention to the geographical radius that you want to attract talent from. Choose the broadest audience possible while being mindful of your budget. 


Support Human Resources with a Winning Facebook Recruitment Campaign 


If you want to expand or segment your audience for hiring and recruitment a bit more, you can also run ads on Instagram (just FYI, Facebook owns Instagram) by using the Facebook Ads Manager. This makes it easier to track your analytics to assess your results and it gives you more control over producing and maintaining your ads. 


The same soft-sell rules apply:


  • Define your audience broadly.
  • Think strategically about whether to place your ads on feeds, stories, videos, on Instagram or inside Messenger.
  • Review your analytics and make changes to your ads two or three times a week.
  • Expect your results to vary quite a bit. Take note of ads that aren’t performing well.

Analyze Your Results and Revamp Your Hiring and Recruitment Strategy


When you put the right content on social media and properly optimize it, it can be a real asset for recruiting senior caregivers.


Remember that there are thousands of people looking for jobs on Facebook, so it pays to engage with them in on a platform that they love and already have a comfort level with. Be sure to follow up with prospects for employees as quickly as possible. If you don’t respond in a timely manner, you may appear disingenuous and it could damage your brand. 


When you use Facebook to recruit senior caregivers, you’re meeting them where they’re at and you’re introducing your brand at the same time. Even if it’s not the right time for them to answer your ad, they will know where to find you when they’re ready, and they make like or share your ad for now. 

If you need help hiring Caregivers. Senior Care Clicks can create a winner Pay Per Click Campaign on Facebook to recruit quality caregivers for your Senior Care Business.

Pay per click options for home care

Paid advertising strategies for home care agencies can be a real asset in your annual digital marketing plan. Pay per click marketing is an online ad that you pay for. As broad and simple as that sounds, the right strategies will help you reach your marketing goals, attract quality caregivers, and bring new clients to your door. 


You’ve put a lot of time, thought, and energy into your website and it can do substantially more for your brand than paint a pretty picture. The cost of pay per click campaigns for home care can be worth their weight when you use the right strategies. 


One tool that works well for lead generation is Google AdWords. Using an algorithm and bidding model that automatically structures the order and appearance of the ads, pay per click home care ads are a snap. One word of caution with Google AdWords is that it’s sometimes harder for small, local home care companies to rank against huge companies that bowl the market over by investing a huge amount of money and bidding high on top keywords.


If you’ve ever shopped online for a product, you might see that product reappear before you on different sites. This is a strategy called remarketing. It’s an effective pay per click home care strategy for several reasons:


  • It places your ad front and center of people that have already expressed interest in your product or service. 
  • It keeps your brand in front of your audience.
  • It increases awareness of your brand. 
  • No matter which sites your prospects click on, your remarketing home care ad keeps nudging them to click on it. 


Social media advertising can be especially good for home care agencies in specific markets. You can do some experimenting with Twitter and LinkedIn, but you get a better return on your investment with Facebook paid ads. Social media advertising isn’t exactly searching engine marketing, but it’s an effective way to generated leads through PPC ads.  I can guarantee you that pay per click marketing for home care works.


Paid Ads for Home Care Companies Help You Reach Your Business Goals


When making decisions about paid advertising campaigns for home health care, it’s important to consider:


  1. Your goals
  2. Target audience
  3. Budget


Facebook ads give you a lot of exposure for the cost. Here are some good ways to use them:


  • Attract more caregivers
  • Improve brand recognition
  • Get videos in front of your target audience
  • Provide specific home care services
  • Drive traffic to your website


Here are a few more tips to make Google Paid Ads for Home Care work better for you:


  • Bear in mind that PPC will steer clients to you, but caregivers will click on them too.
  • Don’t use “caregiver “as your keyword and limit the word in your ad description.
  • Optimize your campaign for the best time, device, keywords, and ads.
  • For Google AdWords, optimize your campaign daily, check search terms, and add ane exclude keywords.
  • Add extensions to make your ad attractive and draw your audience in.
  • If your budget allows, use a 24/7 call center. 


In my experience, we get an increase in organic conversions when we run home care PPC advertisements. If they don’t get the service the first time, but come back later, it counts as organic traffic. ( usually organic traffic and “organic conversions increase when running PPC ads)


 Is Investing in Paid Advertising a Good Choice for Home Care Agency?


Because Google ads have a varied performance depending on your specialization, they tend to work well for home care companies. PPC ads are an easy way to grab their attention. 


Choosing the Right Keywords for Your Google Paid Ads


Spend the bulk of your time researching keywords that work. 

keyword for home care services




  • Keep your niche in mind and target your campaigns.
  • Choose relevant keywords and discard others.
  • Steer away from one-word broad keywords that are highly searched-they’re very expensive to bid on. 
  • Go for “phrase match” and “broad modified” keyword type when setting up a Google Ads Campaign.


For example, “home care” as a keyword will also trigger your ad for “home care job” which isn’t what you’re after. You’ll have less competition for bids on “long-tail keywords”  which helps your budget. Consider terms like:


  • Homecare for my parents
  • Home health care agency in NYC
  • Need care for elderly
  • Senior care services near me
  • Cost of home care for seniors


Track Your Success with Your Landing Page


Since Paid ads will impact your budget, you’ll do well to create high-converting landing pages. Try these tips to fill up your sales funnel:


  • Use the campaign keywords in your landing page to have a good Quality Score
  • Make your offer clear on each page.
  • Use service-oriented headlines.
  • Include your phone number, contact form, and testimonials.
  • Use contrasting colors.
  • Keep important information near the top.
  • Use scarcity techniques.
  • Be straightforward on your call-to-action button.
  • Optimize your landing page.
  • Keep A/B testing. 


Another good tip is to create a thank you page and set up Google Analytics to track users that reach it so you can track conversions.


Paid Ads for CDPAP Home Care Agencies


Have you considered the benefit of advertising CDPAP during the pandemic? Seniors are a high-risk population for COVID and unemployment is rising. This is a prime time for family members to ensure that they’re seniors aren’t at risk and they get paid to take care of them. The best way to get the word out on this is to run PPC ads on Google and Facebook. 


Is the Cost of PPC Worth Using for My Home Care Agency?


PPC campaigns are always worthwhile when they’re effective. If you have a low budget, Facebook ads can be very cost-effective. They work great for home healthcare and private duty home care, as well as for recruiting caregivers. 


With 3.5 billion searches on Google every day, Google AdWords might be a good option to help you meet your goals. Be aware that Google AdWords cost more and that your bids are apt to be competing with large home care companies and national companies. LinkedIn is also quite expensive, but in my experience, it’s worth the cost when pursuing B2B clients for referrals. 

Finally, consider this—it can cost you big bucks to rely fully on your sales team to bring in new clients. You have to pay the salesperson, a commission, expenses, and the cost of sales events. By comparison with a solid PPC marketing campaign, you can get valuable results on several fronts. A well-constructed PPC home care advertising plan will help you attract caregivers, acquire new clients, and enhance your branding efforts. So, it’s definitely worth making it an integral part of your overall marketing plan. 

Home care agency website

Your home care agency website is one of your most prominent marketing tools. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your home care website design really works for you. Before you get started on setting it up, you need to get a few things in order. 


  • Know your home health care website’s purpose.
  • What is your brand’s personality? How should your customer feel when they land on your home page?
  • Who are your target audiences? (will determine your content and layout)
  • What attributes will your target audience be looking for in a home care website?
  • What questions will they want to be answered?
  • What are your goals?
  • How will your website achieve your goals?


The information gathering that you do in the beginning forms the scope of your overall marketing plan. As you set to work putting all the various pieces together, you need to decide what the top-level pages should be and which subpages should go below them. Setting things up this way will help to make your site intuitive and user-friendly.


Building a Great Home Care Agency Website


Just as your customers are looking for certain information on your home care agency website, search engines are also crawling all over it and they’re making decisions about whether the content on your website is relevant and helpful. Your main goal here is to develop the highest quality website in the eyes of your customers and the search engines. 


A successful and responsive website is comprised of the following 10 features and functions:


  1. The home care website provides relevant information about services and other important pages 
  2. It has a design, look, and feel that tells your brand story.
  3. It’s uniquely different from competitors within the same industry. 
  4. It loads quickly and looks great on all mobile devices. 
  5. It’s built on SEO and uses an SEO-friendly content management system like WordPress.
  6. It’s built to attract customers and search engines efficiently.
  7. It includes an informational blog that will assist in SEO efforts.
  8. It has built-in security and maintenance systems. 
  9. It’s conducive to implementing a wide variety of digital marketing tools-blogging, social media, email marketing, and online reviews.
  10. The blog gets updated regularly about aging care topics and it includes relevant keywords and topics.



The Importance of Updating Your Home Care Company Website


You have to put a lot of time, money, and effort into your website to make it valuable. What’s trendy today is outdated tomorrow. By measuring your website’s performance, you can ensure that your website is continually relevant, updated, and responsive to your company’s goals. 


Following are some great reasons that you need a new website:


  • Your website isn’t responsive-check it on all mobile devices to make sure your site is visible and loads quickly.
  • The content on your website is outdated-if your blogs are using statistics from 10 years ago, it’s time to update them.
  • You refreshed your brand but not your website-your brand is a reflection of your company. If you invested time and money in refreshing your brand, be sure to carry the look and feel over to your website. 
  • Your website loads too slowly-no one is going to wait around for your page to load. Check it on various devices from time to time. If it doesn’t load for you, your customers are moving on.
  • Your website has a high bounce rate-you want people to spend as much time as possible looking at your pages. If people land on your page and leave quickly, it’s possible that your site is uninteresting and static. Some engaging content will keep your customers lingering longer. 


Google Analytics will help you to track and measure the source of your leads and how your visitors navigate your site. If your site is effective, you should be able to see that your visitors are filling out contact forms on the back end. 


Essential Elements of Home Care Web Development


You have many options of things that you can add to your home care agency website. Be cautious about adding things that sound like they’re nice to have but don’t do anything for your company to draw in new customers. Consider adding the essential elements first. It doesn’t hurt to experiment with some other strategies later on or from time to time to see what works.


  • Craft an engaging home page-make sure it tells who you are in the first 10 seconds. Make your first paragraph a total standout!
  • Inspire trust with your About Us page-seek to impress while being factual and humble. This is the page to highlight your credentials, certifications, awards, and community service.
  • Clear site navigation and structure-your visitors should be able to easily and readily find the information they need.
  • Clear Call-to-Action-your call-to-action is the key to lead generation, so make it visible and prominent. 
  • Use a functional CRM program-keep your content fairly simple so that it’s easy to update across all mobile devices. WordPress is a good choice because it’s SEO-friendly, has a fast loading speed, has built-in security, and is backed by a wide range of designers and developers.
  • Add a place to sign up for a newsletterthis is a great way to capture new leads. Use the link on your website and in email campaigns. Infographics make nice additions to newsletters.
  • Automate your reviews-use a reputation management tool that shows reviews, updates new reviews, and collects reviews automatically. 


Your home care agency website is the hub of your digital marketing strategy. It’s of prime importance because it forms the basis for a comprehensive multi-level digital marketing strategy. 


Do you need to create a new website for your home care agency? Are you ready to revamp your existing site to be more mobile and SEO-friendly? Do you need a fresh set of eyes to review your website so that it’s current and virus-free?


No matter what your needs are, leave the design of your website and website management to a senior care marketing agency.

Senior Care Clicks offers Home Care website design, development, and management. Check our home care website design service.


how to market home health care services

If your home care agency has been growing at a steady pace, you’re doing a lot of things right. When you don’t give your overall digital marketing strategy a regular review, your steady growth can begin to slow down to a snail’s pace overnight. Past strategies can become disconnected and even the best marketing plan can become stale and outdated over time. Then you have to do the changes needed to market home health care services in the right way.


Change is a good thing and there are certainly a lot of changes going on right now in our industry, marketing technology, and social media. Each one of those things has a strong bearing on creating a home health care marketing strategy. It’s time to update your marketing strategy to make it more connected and prime it to meet the business challenges of today.


Marketing for home health care services is more than just bringing new clients into your sales funnel. In addition to sales, a strong home care digital marketing plan incorporates customer service and hiring.


Why Your Home Care Business Needs an Updated Digital Marketing Strategy


When marketing home health care services, there’s no better time than today to take a more strategic review of your master digital marketing plan. The gradual aging of the baby boomer population is a big reason for that. 



We have to also be honest about the lessons that we’ve learned most recently from the COVID-19 crisis that can help prolong the lives of seniors and also improve the quality of life for seniors. The National Council on Aging (NCOA) surveyed nursing facilities and assisted living facilities on how changes they’ve made to protect the spread of the disease. The survey shows the following:


  • Just over 80% of the facilities are closed with some staff reporting and they’re limiting the programs they normally offer. 
  • A bit over 15% of the facilities reported that their centers are closed, and no staff is reporting. 
  • Slightly over 4% of facilities are open and are operating a limited number of programs. 


It took a rapidly spreading, often deadly disease of a pandemic proportion to call our attention to the need to protect high-risk, vulnerable populations. There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 crisis has shone a spotlight on the benefits of the increased safety that can be provided through home care.


How To Market Home Health Care Services


Every day, 10,000 baby boomers celebrate their 65th birthdays. That means that the home health care industry is booming right along with them. As the industry expands, it creates a concurrent need to train and recruit a qualified workforce of senior caregivers. 


With unemployment on the rise and a workforce shortage in this area, recruiting and hiring will continue to be a challenge for the foreseeable future. Your website can be a vehicle that lands the best talent right at your door. 


Don’t forget to consider the growth of your competition. They’re taking advantage of local and franchise opportunities and they’re investing heavily in media and marketing promotions to capture a market share. 


When making your review on how to market your home health care services, be sure it includes the following four marketing tools:


  1. Facetime
  2. Earned media
  3. Advertising
  4. Digital marketing



Facetime is a handy tool for salespeople in the field to pursue community outreach, client and family referrals, and institutional referrals. As you’re busy managing caregivers and clients, you can outsource the printing design to an experienced agency that focuses on senior care marketing which will connect you in a personal way to influencers that will send you new business. 


Earned Media

Use this tool to connect to your community in a meaningful way. Use traditional and digital press to make your brand shine. Enlist the help of a professional writer to write press releases to attract those baby boomers to your agency when they have the need. 



Advertising is a good area to put in extra marketing budget dollars, but that doesn’t mean that you need to break the bank. If radio and TV ads are out of reach at this time, invest in social media, pay-per-click, and Google adwords, all of which will give you valuable data. 


Digital Marketing

Spend a fair amount of effort on inbound marketing that includes quality content, SEO, social networking, social ads, video (add in social media), mobile ads, email, e-news, and websites. 


Make it easy on yourself and work with a home care marketing agency to maximize your time and budget with advertising and digital marketing.


How to Market a Home Care Marketing Agency Using Digital Marketing Channels


Have you considered that the way that people look for services of all kinds has changed? Does your digital marketing strategy connect your home care agency directly with the channels that prospects are pursuing? 


Take a moment and put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you’re like most people, when you get a referral for a business, you grab the nearest electronic device and check it out. 


The landing page offers up the first impression so make sure it’s great! As a customer, you’d want to know more about their services. If you were impressed, you’d take the time to check out the reviews and ratings and find the contact information. You might even glance at the FAQs to gain further insight. 


How does your website measure up to the expectations of your future clients?


  • Is it mobile-responsive? How does it look on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop?
  • Does it utilize SEO effectively? Can you manage it on your own, or would it be better by hiring a home care digital marketing agency?
  • Is it conducive to attracting attention from consumers and search engines?
  • Are you sharing helpful information via regular blog articles? This will enhance your efforts to attract consumers and search engines. 


Marketing Tips for Things to Avoid


Be aware of some of the things that won’t help your marketing efforts. Best practices hint at a few things not to do:


  • Craft a website using limited skills. Your website is a major reflection of your brand and it’s the most important place for it to shine. Some things are better left to a professional digital marketing agency that will design an engaging website and commit to keeping it current.
  • Create a website that’s too similar to your competitors. Your goal should be to develop a well-crafted brand story that uniquely connects your customer base to your agency.
  • Limit your marketing strategy to your website alone. Blogging, social media, email marketing, reviews, and other tools will expand your SEO efforts exponentially. 
  • Forgo investing in security and maintenance systems. It won’t help you attract clients if your website is down or poorly functioning. The last thing your reputation needs is to get hacked which could cost you far more than the cost of security measures. 


SEO for Home Care Agencies


The home care industry is racing to meet the demands of society for today and in the coming years. Quality home care services are in command more than they’ve ever been in the past. For many people, enlisting the help of a home care agency is new territory and they have lots of questions. Your website is the solution to finding the types of services they need.


The home care industry is fiercely competitive. The only way that your company can compete is to have the strongest SEO strategy possible. 


Google Map Presence for Local SEO

Local SEO



Unless your home care agency is nationwide, you need to have a good assessment of the geographic boundaries of your service area. Be certain on the radius of how far your providers can travel to home locations and how far loved ones will travel to your facilities for on-site visits. A local SEO strategy will help you focus your marketing efforts only within your designated locations. 


Business Listings to Enhance Your Location


When prospects search for a home care agency, they may pull up a few business listings. An easy way to improve your digital presence is to claim and enhance online business listings. Outdated or inaccurate listings are bound to hurt your brand. As online business directories expand and the SEO landscape evolves, it’s crucial to ensure that your business listings are accurate and consistent. 


Build Your Online Reviews and Testimonials


Consumers appreciate reviews because they provide a genuine first-person experience with your brand. A good personal experience speaks volumes when your prospects are considering opening up their homes and trusting their care to a complete stranger, no matter how qualified they may be. 


As important as reviews are, they’re not always easy to track down. A home care marketing agency has the necessary expertise to implement reputation management automation tools to collect reviews efficiently. Let a home care marketing expert take care of the marketing details so you can focus on running your business. 


Content Marketing to Promote Your Home Care Services

Because there are many moving pieces, marketing for home health care services can be a daunting task. That said, be careful not to put content marketing on the sidelines. 


Bear in mind that most people do careful research on small and large purchases. You can count on your clients to do their homework when researching home care for themselves or a loved one. Consumers are often motivated by their emotions to make a purchase or enter into a contract. Draw them in with engaging content using:


  • Videos-helps to form an emotional connection and instills trust and transparency.
  • Informative blogs-increases your organic search and expands your reach via social media, referral links, and email. Also, it serves as outreach for hiring.
  • Facebook-is an outlet that helps you develop trust, so you need to give it the necessary time and patience to build the right audience. 


Facebook also gives you the opportunity to connect with your own community using Facebook paid ads. If you have multiple locations, you can create a Facebook page for each one. 


While the marketing tips for Facebook and other digital marketing strategies are worthwhile, it’s obvious that many of them are also time-consuming. When you’ve exhausted your ability to devote the time and attention to your marketing efforts that your company deserves, it’s time to give it over to a qualified marketer or marketing agency that can truly give your marketing efforts justice. 


Putting All the Pieces Together for Your Home Care Marketing Strategy


Are you aware that health and healthcare information are the second-largest topics that consumers look for when they search on Google, Bing or Yahoo? By leveraging the internet, social media, and electronic data you can rank on the first page of all the major search engines. In the mind of your future clients, the home care agencies that appear on the first page are the top experts in their field and they won’t find that on page two. It’s not enough for you to know that you own one of the top home care agencies in your area. You want new clients to have the same assurance. 

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