Caring People Case Study

Company Profile:


  1. 20 years in the Private Home Care Services
  2. 16 locations across the country
  3. 1000+ Clients
  4. 2500+ Caregivers



  • The website was not optimized for lead gen  
  • No content strategy 
  • No digital lead generation strategy
  • No site management process
  • No engagement with the sales team
  • No engagement with clients 
  • No review collection initiative
  • No branding strategy


Our Strategy:

  1. Research the competitors
  2. Get Sales Team feedback to create personas
  3. Work on a new website ( WordPress- SEO friendly, Responsive- HTTPS)
  4. Work on SEO – Create a Local SEO Strategy
  5. Work on Content Marketing Strategy ( Article, videos, infographics)
  6. Implement Reputation Management ( review collection)
  7. Create a Brand strategy – Publications- Backlink Strategy




I focused on Organic Search (SEO and Content Marketing). With a new website completely optimized and with a blog, I was able to implement On-Page SEO, Content Marketing, Local SEO, and reputation management.


I created 100+ optimized articles that answer the common questions to people looking for care. This helps CP to earn hundreds of new keywords, increase organic traffic, and generate qualified leads. I started collecting reviews and created local listings across the internet to boost branch Google maps presence. As a result, calls fromGoogle maps increased. I also acquired quality links to boost SEO. Furthermore, I  published press releases to boost brand awareness. 


Big changes in only 3 months:


Caring People Case Study


  1. Organic traffic increased by 150%
  2. Leads increased by 100% ( before the website didn’t generate lads)
  3. New Clients per month 8-10
  4. Review collection increased by 100% ( before this was not done)
  5. Google Map calls increased by  ( ?? ) I don’t have data we can to make up something


Some fancy results, why not?


Caring People earned several  Google Box Answers. In addition, one piece of content from the blog became viral. “Pet Therapy for the Elderly” a long-form blog with an infographic that was found by Mars Pet Care. They wanted to work with us in a new infographic for Waltham. In addition, The Gerontological Society of America also partnered with us.  The infographic that will help  Mars Pet Care created was used in the USA and translated in Italian for the European Market. 

Here is the infographic with partners.

CP became authority with one piece of content. This is how SEO helps a brand!


Google answer box


Google snippets



Long-lasting results:

When I started at Caring People, the website only had around 140 organic traffic. Today, organic traffic is 8300 a month. The website continues to deliver qualified leads. Senior Care Clicks works now for CP as a consultant. We oversee all their Digital Marketing.

SEO results




Do you want to grow your Home Care Business? Senior Care Clicks Can do it, we know how!!

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