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10 Best Practices for Senior Friendly Websites

If you’re like a lot of people, you’re more inclined to equate technology with millennials or the Gen X, Y, or Z set. The reality is that the internet has become a central force in the lives of every generation, including seniors. You read that right! Seniors are getting better acquainted with internet technology because […]

How to Get Reviews for Home Care Agencies: Most Effective Strategies

Consumers get blitzed with ads and promotions every day. With so many companies promoting themselves heavily, it makes it hard for customers to know which ones they can trust. Until they have an experience with your home care agency, consumers are likely to put more faith and trust in people that can provide a first-hand […]

Content Marketing for the Senior Care Industry to Increase Ranking

With the level of competition increasing in the senior care industry, a high ranking on search engines is a necessity for every home care agency. When you have the right strategy for content marketing, you’ll rank high on internet searches and that means you’ll get more customers and be able to recruit quality caregivers. When […]

Affordable SEO Services for Home Care Agencies That Pay for Themselves

It’s pretty much a given for home care agencies to have a website, but the challenge is how to implement SEO so that it ranks your site high in the search engines so customers are clicking on your site rather than another agency’s website. Before you start shaking your head over the thought of your […]

How to Get Clients for Home Health Care: A Proactive Approach for Referrals

Referrals offer a great avenue for how to get clients for home health care. A proactive approach to home health care referrals will provide your home care agency with a stream of referrals that keeps on flowing. Referrals can come from many places like the these: ·   Past clients ·   Current clients · […]

Home Care Marketing Plan: Creative Digital Strategies for Success

The right home health marketing strategies give you a win-win advantage. Why? Because you get the best of both worlds where you can attract lots of new customers and the most highly-qualified caregivers to care for them. The good news is that even if you’re not a creative person, it’s easy to get creative with […]

Senior Care Websites: WordPress Performs as Your Sales Channel

Of the many website platforms you have to choose from, there are a lot of reasons to love WordPress. According to Search Engine Journal, almost 34% of website owners prefer WordPress. If WordPress is good enough for major corporations like Sony Corporation, Time Inc., NBC, and the New York Post, you can rest assured that […]

How to Grow a Home Care Agency: Get More Clients and Hire Qualified Caregivers

As a home care agency, your clients and your caregivers are your livelihood. You play a valuable role in their lives, as well as the lives of their families. The baby boomer generation is now entering their golden years. Due to aging, many of them need help at home today. While baby boomers aren’t necessarily […]

Videos: An Essential Part of Your Home Care Marketing Plan

Given the choice, most people would prefer to watch a video over reading a lengthy article. That’s why you should consider adding videos to your home care marketing plan. Videos for home care agencies are an excellent way to get the attention of your target audience. A short video is a viable solution for people […]

Digital Marketing: The Primary Source Setting the Pace in the Senior Care Industry

The baby boomer generation is driving the growth of the senior population—the 65 and over crowd. The latest research shows that people over the age of 65 now make up 17% of the total population in the U.S. and the growth is just the beginning. That’s the kind of data the senior care industry should […]